Sunday, September 30, 2012

poems || John M. Bennett

olvido del garrote

no ,ya  .palaver spilletd
nor whater should nig h
ni nada ,whap it up
the river shoots the
snore fingers ,torqued
molto and the skin
whistles ,glistens and
your eating  )spoke
inside the itching
foot(  ay bummer
face ,croissant the
streams of air  )la
poesía que don nadie
lee(  un pedo un
trueno un sortilegio
de ventanas o o vacías

...ejecución somera...
- Augusto Pinochet

olvido de la obra

ni engarglantado ni enso
bado ni mis güevitos sur
cacados con los riañosos a
güitas emplapados supe no
supe la nadacosa floppy
beneats my sleat sp
adtered with a día realita
)apbrí la broca y la pa
labrabla me manchoseaba
la cramisa oronta...(
onda lapsus≈ fraught
whis ker b ,eating the
sheet gargabateada ay
me perdí el tomotambo
los bloquelibros caídos
al ≈río≈ turburbujlencia que
va que vaviene ni vaivén
de mis plumas ahogadas
ni pajinal de esta blo
ombing on my desk ni

Obras completas...
- Augusto Monterroso

olvido del ojo

the cheese neck ,howling curd
where my stapled laundry turned
below the bed a hose dancing ,lay
ered in the glinting room gleaming
in the smoky corner where a
mask is stacked on toilet paper
:injecta claw ,peeing on the
book:  the long fog grease time
)why shirty(  heavy boat ha
lf sunk you raise your head
whey ,doubled doubting ro
amed across the clear lint
clot o peeling nose the
feet crowd my gated
wander burned my swal
lowed head  )your rat key(
where I saw the skull be
decked with flowers
,dark and crumbling like
my hands  )lost in
seeing ,the tabled word
burnt                      OUT

- Huitzilopochtli

olvido de l’allée

long levered headache storm
lintgrown chair speeding tow
ard the foggy screen the
foggy shade slapping on the
glass your tiny dirt half
lunged shadow towel dri
bbling in the ink your len
til soup contained ah ha
lf uh ,morty shorts ,a
balone glinting in the
toilet where yr belt
se ahogaba a light
pole sweats outside the
window  ss   sss    ssss
chew your leg an iso
lation crisped inside yr
shoe its tumba corn
its looted teeth drowned
in oil and hair your ha t
growing rai n  ;   ;    ;      ;      N

...respiro la calle orinosa...
- Leopoldo Lugones


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