Tuesday, September 11, 2012

poem || Jeff Harrison

On The Mountainside
ink's expectation,
will you tell the General my brilliant supposes?

General Mills,
it's my step-smooth thought, see?

on the mountainside,
drawn small shock promised against look

persistent lady,
door-settled lesson full-accidentally misspelled

awake by daylight,
gentlemen recommend excitement in handwriting
George Washington,
you referred to yourself as having winning manners?
relief dark against them

names again,
where do people find the energy?

dimly lit,
the points of interest regret cavalier treatment

hobnobbing with the servants & getting them all upset
you certainly are a persistent lady

a horse,
differently colored though its shoes are still blue

despite the fact this contained only a handful of names

lays himself down under a pine tree

pine tree,
skillfully chosen specimens of William Wormswork

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