Saturday, September 22, 2012

text || Edward Nichols

  Latex vortices concluded with ordered dissaray of conclusions derided in the ratioalistic amorphous shape of structuralisms logistics abrutment of layerede conciseness of textures running off ego controlled Boundaries even categorizing the collective unconscious  archetypes as dualism within the mind is coordinated in its' friction,calculating the energy they generate. Coordinated efforts between conflicting beliefs resolve theirselves satisfactorily on solid plateaus.Seperatedd conjunctions conjoin together through internal discourse overseen by the Super-ego allowig the differences that turned into lack of activity on a harmonious level now enter-flowing with each other in a balanced manner.Phallic fallacies subordinate themselves to collective achetypes attributes between compatible chemestries triangulate sub-latent restorations of noble inter-activity precipitating at cordial conjunctions.
        An exponent of the genuine article,the clipboard said said, morbity is it's best excuse. Under the doctorate clause was its best subjective. Never trust a donation forit has a cause behind it' the pretencious hooligans of Homemade Sinn are at their very best lies and precalculated to be ordained as such. No hefty weight of ninety-pounds going to round up my upheavals. My regurgitations will be on display for all to see,
        Singularity is like a duel matchup for me , the sinkhole is always biggest whereas truckloads of juice and adornments will land you a better deal. Seal the deal on theretainment follicles and  instantly supply the overtures enough boost to making a million sonatas dance around the ring.

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