Tuesday, September 25, 2012

5 poems || Hugh Tribbey


angi Bergvall, /---/


chamber not’ rrt
/---/ /---/ ^ a {
of itis Muldoon’s
/---/ and )
constituted eaba eihl-tigf
/---/ s /---/
s O grippap
a ) cide > describe
atege mauotnOttm <
how /---/ bringlat
aldo ryallim /---/
/---/ quickly lusne
/---/ osew –crusnGrrw
/---/ iaa want
esto /---/ r-eGsc-ovsa

I cased this moratorium and moratorium’s mine,
                  kindergarten of davenport’s dasher,
                  dam-datura-dozed.  Failure in his
Of the rocking lettering underneath him
                  stateside aid, and straying
Hibernal there, how he ruined upon
                  the regularity of a widowing
                  white slave
In his eclipse!  Then octagonal, octagonal
                  forever on swerve
As a sixpence’s hecatomb swamps slack
                  on a bounder-bell boy:
                  the hundred and girdling
Reaped the better willow.
                  My headway in heralding
Stigmatized for binoculars—
                  the accrete of, the mass of
                  the theta
Bronchial beard and vale and acrimony, oh,
                  agreement, preview, pluck, hauntingly
Brown! and the finial that braves from thee thankfully
                  a bicuspid
Timbale ticketed more loquacious,
                  O my cheroot!
No wolf pack of it: shady plank maddens plexus
                  down silhouette shellac and
                  blithe-bitter ellipse fabricate, fuse
                  and garble glum-verbal.

Mercy of mutter waddle
Against Pennsylvania, elope among or underpin.
Inside Clovis, phalanstery and plaster
Goose among vagina, décor mess
Beyond swag of font goose

In Clovis, fluff and coitus land
Amid plaster, vagina elopes or
Waddles with festoon of vagina.
Against dyskinesia drip with crudwork.  Guilt
Through dyskinesia, festoon fester or
Shallow among plaster.  Plaster as vagina dilapidates
Between materiality waddles out of décor, mercy underpins.

4 fades at ease
glib leap peg heatin’

Octa wee 5 each
bliss Oh sow
ludlow re-oat

C4 adrift enroute 7a

eel  slosh jism hood
eulogy grog
penny whistle

Osmosis Paseo sugar egg base tea
ravine seen  Elsie hi ya

down glow oleo 1 a knocks heated Hopi
seer too entitled

yule 8 ashes
mid-tied watt jump pseudonym

General economy not restricted economy.
Sovereignty not mastery.
Buddhist and contemporary contingent self (a subject position)
not orthodoxy of Abrahamic eternal self.
Sublime inhuman procedure not ego-driven craft.
Avant-garde NOW not capitalist NEW.
Fluxus and COBRA not High Modernist.
Use value of writing not exchange value.
Proletarian dessert of nonproductive waste.

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