Saturday, September 22, 2012

text || Edward Nichols

       The neurotic frequency machines goldened turned the railway of interdimensional inversion catches the time piece at a subconscious dose of liberal golden crystals, their firmament a fiery purple catching a ride on the truancy expression by calculating the income as outgoing revisions' The subconscious constipation was giving an archetypical laxative.(tetrahelio punch fire blew flagrantly through the constant inverted space-time).
       The world is not a whole , but, a unified singularity. A positive method of recompence is to never pay it back. That's what what we have on the product ratio demand as a radio emits frequencies. In other words. a glithysheen blemish on otherwise pertinant inflammation.I've a dollar on the whig side that says nothing is something indeed. Ingest the spiralling darkness in a tone deaf ear and the fragments of spring-spring forth in a ninrty-to-nothing subzeroe glacial montage. A freeload of reality is as about as close as I want to get to it.So.jargon the hiabiscus with profanity and swear like a sailor. BRASH ARE THE GALLYGARTHS WHO RAID PANTRIES OF DISBELIEF. So, the torque of the suspendedd space-warp released tiny spatial fequencies,drawn to drawn to Dr.Dents Orgone Box. Dr.Dent, feeling thereby energized wa mightily organized was set
           Seemingly I am not what I am, bettressing the logarythm of injustice as the briar paych of relief. Sociological manifestations alot their circuits down a path of neurons, of the consciousness probe the entity as others dominion. I the other, the other eye, seeing me perceiving it. The golden Prometheus swings low on a high dive.
          The interested parties transcended the triple view and reinverted the soul to capitulation inversion.

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