Tuesday, September 11, 2012

novel excerpt || John Pursch

K-Series Cyborgs

Cuckoo couscous concocters concatenate cylindrical slapstick argyle armadillos, etching engraved travesty tomes with symbols of sybaritic celibates, in lazily lopsided lollipops of pickled hearing aids. Fiery hieratic jumpsuits mate with hearsay bishops, quoting marginal figure eights to infinitude’s oodles of onboard Ramen peelers, splashing townhome garble remainders with kinky snorts of xylophone treatise moods.

“Portions offered to potion queens rarely err on the sliding glossy war’s quai,” flexed Kabuki, filing his downloaded arrival fumes under blurry push-up brows. “Whale be crumpled arrears the topical wart quota’s flimsy cookie pine, quantified ergot,” he cantered into esophageal micturation, mulling over his laudatory opinions of Destination Zoo.

“Rechter, arbitrary placemat. Oui cavitate per osculation und harumplify yer ebony warped wardroom herd,” spangled black the en route tumbling choir. “Vee here ad Groin Zorro welkomen zie und waste your louvered Juans, olly einer mullion of dem, slave pestilence in awl ports o’ culled disintegration, gearing oar glass yer filial dust relations bite me,” concluding the offal itchy whale comb’s slam wit stentorian meanderings.

“Augie, uber und ausgezeichnet, brudders und shifty seestahs,” Kabuki reeled on back, phasing a bit o’ Patois third-party expatriate act, sham butyl ate ten two tonic beachcombers.

“Schlep yer million casuistries right on trowel de gunnel, fair Kabuke; wheel absorb ‘em whilst ye offloads semaphore finery flam yer unviable bet twistedly grafted thyme lime,” the crusty empirical boarder entity wobbled back, grabbing gravitic contrail soot, pegging Kabuki’s ship in tow.

“Aye, lassie, wheel tranq cop hefter cop o’ dat craggy dreg mechanix what ye got flam RFK-26 whirled, donut,” Kabuki efforted trade.

“Doe nice, nay pliers; bet canoe und eyes all clam to slum pint oven tertiary standing, weld over else obtains. Brinkin’ ye in…” and lasered in Kabuki’s K-Series exports, scrambling Groin Zorro crews for randy assimilation.

It’s a noble trade, albeit somewhat polygonal, slaving millions at a throw, refugees from Planned Dearth, fleeing the blackened skies of a whirling dearth timeline, what were doomed by greedy assassinations, stoppered global whirs, synergy crises, advertising overflows, chesty dreadnought plaudit gone way higher, down an incubated skoal; a whirled what spawned and spurned inflammable K-Series cyborgs, quarantining the entire production run (three alone, but wadi trio!) to parked tickler chaw zone parallel whirls. Sew it’s up to Kabuke and his ilk to rum the high per thyme gauntlet, feeding the migraine Tories a mullion atta boy sublime, snuffling causality’s vectors from fiddling fan to boxcars, rilling snake eyes into drabble sexes.

Eet’s a tranquil sequestered jobby, groining papal phlegm our soddy planet to dairy pies, sew u-turn canoe flame Kabuke and Lola from quirking hoot a beetle deal brontosaurus ides weed Cowboy Ike’s conniptions in MLK-5, sleddin’ hope a trapezoidal trade, schlep plyin’ shelved whirls with day flyin’ Oreos in liffey’s purview.

Und whilst eye been babblin’, Kabuki’s landed, offal oated his million stoles, partial to his hearth’s canned tent wit JFK-18’s finest connubial winches, bloated hup his  umpty charcoal holes with raw time nectar, und prepped sheep for quack tern aground, black to dearth, whore heal soil the conned virgin raw nectar fur ton how sand thighs wadi chest played; the prophetic grist eel caper tea sickle rolling quoit smoochily. Papal fir thyme, uber et uber, shaving liffey flim flam a trammeled lime tine, propagating a gnu whirl with hitherto destitute breathers oven plaque-infected chi.

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