Saturday, September 1, 2012

poetry || Felino A. Soriano

from Quintet Dialogues

Of trumpet


in the lines of painted absence
            a criss
-crossing arch envelopes ovals of naturalized light
                                                            upon language’s
                                    cultural fixation

an excavated bell rolling

                                                                        aligning outward prophecies
                                                                        igniting hearsay wounding interpretation
            hymnal in specific message
pertaining then to the
humanized remembrance of

                        dimensional mathematical


in the measuring of jubilation
breaths begin such leaping
                                    ornate in the winding of
                                    vigilant physical
relevance as the voice
arrives clear within
a listening renovation


qualm into the whisper’s elongated leaving


levitated emblem sans

spiritual handmade aggregated reflection

blurred into fog into outward

specifics of categorized lulu


camaraderie entails escalated personal

said in the manner of speech’s alleged
prisonless portions

though the fraction’s denominator builds into
burgeoned laughter across
fractals’ physiognomy then

recognized in the humorous
teetering of vociferous examination
claiming absence of the object connectivity to
clarity as

tonal, though toughened through the callus of
an eye’s rearranging mathematics
placing replaced logic tidy
into various motions of
irrelevant spectators’
bloviated lectures


overused in the realism of itself
self in the proponent artifact

same then partial evolution containing
reason through abstract components as
an opened door leading to ________,

mirrors become exhaled variants to
depict altered definitional spheres
turn-twisting dialectics in the spiral

operating unopened pluralities
secret to the unknowing version
self reflects into eyes’ deliberate
unused banquet of flourished

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