Friday, September 7, 2012

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POME frOMJOBc.1 andabstrctfr.texxt
feared e v I l 3 like kod safjaK da ughters of forms, was    evident

to all. The last in the chainof remembering that wasknown  was
known asth deceiver –in the fire3  5 this east1 and them. Iak e  jo
kel fu  ioee fire is the heart’s flood nameis grieving at  thu   e flam
eHailto thi who follow no one‘The Balance itself must be des t roy
ed’zone early sonscontinually ihfe hanx jopozboto  also th em  tho
u?ght get oz ohMinwx wiwperfecechew ethoup  e v I l ?    hadosk
 lohdl eto fear noug?ht increased land gathfa  cehathhand l orddau
 gahters houseox them away3 fauswordtheep burned serv-al    one  s
uds       kadhu                             eyb xav cab dag            witwri  wi.   
e Balance     self must be destro yedrinking house wilder upon. Es   ho
diu huwiery ka cape he ad wors. hipped foolishly d’ki     lls  ado     asu
drinking house kiosk kow io wurio quw y quip kasln x macbox nagdas                                      
wilder-agaf daty wery eu uty rioas gadfav x noc zax comocan cax   oei
upon escapee wio equi wif das escaped head worship foolishly juteop
days apostolic  ga
ceasing spoils s sut
mag’t then  signs to
moon  tartars  inonu
drag bullions grating 3
holler on da ‘ll good en
firmisch men scad  soil
enos chalked halltraps
nostrils lips humpshade
feirce disneypot macro s
mass loosened  airlumps
shucked micron  reveal’t
goose upcreek score burnt
faddle  cylinder por   karate
labor throat cuddle mag ‘ick
days apostolic  gave flipsinu

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