Friday, September 21, 2012

4 poems || John M. Bennett

olvido del colmo

trained loquacious sanding
off my tongue it’s yours
.toweling labia an nor lastre
indomable tus nojones run
dementales so aimless I
or eye lacustre  )no
dder shape(  )lente
cato(  fromage in
editable sweating un
der the flies and
saddled the thorny
bush  .)m,y ,d,r,i,b,,,,
,b,l,i,n,g,,,  )interbation ,f
restive lunng shirdt I
couldn’t stobstart talg
king ay he dicho
.)red mask deep be
neath my dusty feet(((.


- G. R. Unte

olvido del cogote

the . negck wrought . bisturí y foco .
masa de mi cal.cetín a pen . is com
. bing . the fog the flag my . icy knee
fly . swallowed . ¡ay sticky cake! .
]your mortared teeth[  . rust comb .
ination ,swallowed . rain . the crust
invisible mi . huata de gota llena ; ; ; ; ;
. pluma cerotal “uchha”  )escrita(  es .
)“reenmudecido” . “soy”(  eh o pen ed
. blood where . the wall says ... en
jambre de cuyes ,rin . cón vivo don
de . el recuerdo que perdí .

- M. Ontón

olvido ahogado

ay the dud shade blinks I
swam the cowed blade ff
lippping as it sinksEl Deca
pitador my head’s spoon re
plies the wwavess why do
ggy focus swallows the corn
or dunes pouring through the
windows ddryy wwatterr clau
sal sshakkingg rest all day re
treats into the hill’s circled
stone  )ddeadd eeyee(  my plea
ding breeeezze my dull shape’s
white blinding island

El lago te seca...
- José Asunción Silva

olvido del weather report

nod thunder soap(  enDEble  )y
el viento fuerte(  cúspide de
hormigas ,shadow swallow the
)whirring hands exfocused on
that bolus you received  )in
ched the corpse worm your
dragged beef business suf(
fered the grimy shingles of
yr rain injection ,boca a
guada dientes de corales mu
ertos es la infolemiapuk
ing the thickened insults s
ticky wax in yr ears la
borrasca muforma ,camisa
como ,flama tortugada and
I’m washing in my sleep ,de
qualified ,yes and yes a
gain the street aslosh with
words with sewer overflow
with hamsters chittering
on the steps            7      >>

...laugh and drink your headache.
-don N. A. Die

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