Monday, September 24, 2012

novel excerpt || John Pursch



Losing rarely, burley Elmer jabs a famous Nigerian; a wholly unanimous finale. 
A mayhem warrior (a joyful Somali) enjoyed opium without a fifth. 

"Kid's diseases might make a foamy fecal nephew heave Jell-O vocally, 
maiming a housewife,” miffed heroines jawed. 

A chaotic gaucho shipped Iraqi miasma.


Wallop a venal marabou, Saharan fogy. 
Loyal Irish folk hum twaddle, abolishing effigy. 
Mafia Ivan, a mellow amigo of Caleb McLeod, blew a kickoff. (Hateful kickoff.) 
Slamming addicting anchovies, a Jesuit amazes a dopey Hawaiian. 
Kafka, a hashish deadhead, happily postponed showering acid hippie Phoebe.


Mafia's appealing looking acids usually reveal aphasia. 
Women guffaw: "Aphasia!" 

Help a macho hoodlum move Tiffany cabbage, heaving a museum's tabling. 
Awesome lamas devalue any pushy veep. A bulky gumshoe, eyeing an alibi, 
borrowed a movie about Nairobi. 

Why can't a giggling femme argue about modality?

(Author’s note: 
The consonant sounds in the above text correspond to digits 801 - 1100 of pi. 
The sound-to-digit mapping is defined by the Major Memory System:  
The text begins with 502445 = Losing rarely, 
since 5 = L, 0 = S, and 2 = N/NG in the Major System.)

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