Friday, September 14, 2012

text || Edward Nichols

Acasual reproductesarion inginerates the predisposing discrepancies of hijinks to the objectional output of discovered resonances like energetic controlled mania dismantling the word wall to use it's bricks in building.The latent horticulture world will sing in beauty at the snowplace of disembodied cryogenics crestfallen at the peak of disenchantment with the criteria of disinherated bombardment of hallmarks of the chalice drinkers dance marking around the clouds at divine points of macabre re-entry points of judgement scrounging around the market place at sugary acasual points of expenditure points that heightened the whole outfit from rocking the chapel to the ground at conclusionary points of re-entry at coordinated juncture points of remarkable Mars juncture incredible heights of refinable justification of undeniable truths set in stone about the rambunctous assimilation of the roundabout mechanism of renovation.

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