Monday, January 4, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Never Said That

Let cheering be the refusing
Beginning sit louder after I place
Her seat was the preferred bread
What such a love the archaic had for me

Did discuss father's and another
Description deny dancing distinct she there
Needing time, Fried Cement
Anything lingering more afternoon sings better

Splendid coal bribed with fruit
Little things biting did above all toys seat intuition
Dearest, the exclaiming credit still and these rubber lengths higher
Eaten abuse of merriment likely when pressured

Children describing convicts there pieces conclude
Smiling precedes opening and lighting material there
To the asking happening stays half the whole merriment
Lengths choose to leave there pieces every afternoon

Excess is colored green though shows better red
Choose your hearing, Hearer, convicted of a little soiling
Choosing still concludes and all places whole red well fire
Sing those who wholly abuse afternoons and stay May noise

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