Monday, September 2, 2013

poetry || Lewis Gesner

from Imperfections of the Bell

patterns bettered anticipate the strength of a shoulder on a door, and a whistle to empty the lungs have slighted while the climb the long stair is an ascension in a document secure as cement which fills in the pond saddens takes the part away with the jester costume and the fruit is ready in a ceremony of the wait through a reposing line the still margins can’t conform redeems in flattening and alcohol the stitches have some time and they will remove themselves as needed you are looking past them through the high window, blocked by sill but letting light the pride and announcing some composite let the sharer finish having neither gained but is simpler in a dream liken to games and imaginary debt where you lay your keys the labyrinth of tabletops battles wit and overcrowding short term memory rejection of the game of visitors which is a secret plan when in the hiss of grass absent you in an instance seeks another tempting away sponges over hesitation the ring of tools and blades confirm proverbs turns the poke up on its tail vapors of ivy on the plane before it intersects falls on a slant toward conventional brinks falls toward the line too much conventional catalog rattle loose strings implode organ strum and pluck leaning releases weight without intension every time you turn it grows a different way lurking in the church crawlspace obligation and electric undervene into the spitter tasks a plan the rumpling of flexibility can’t be borrowing the oils of rebuttal drop slides test bait compromise  broth with thinner euphoric in that too whenever it is abridged fragile ear lace, tempers of the flaring nose the eyelids with their currents and their static enunciations gloss paints property lines your no trespass sign owners lurching for their ledge body modes based on discovery receive a drop or two of concentration from the humid airing every metal I am seeing has a soggy look elect and facing outside preserved beneath the layer of the dried skin is the one who slinked away even though is shrunken downward on the spine is more for heavy future worlds placing two redeemers for a voice haven’t cost you much the mix aside nothing sells it like the silence what hides the deepest temptation of the search in miniature for shorthand with its title crawls a lobster style some scrap to eat and shows no pity it is either after all the best by intervention small seeds speed the pace slipping into the trench it is a soft landing nonetheless ruthlessly activated matches somewhere the roamy occident is done for now so seize the moment comb it out have a swear against it thoughts no meaning has a curse though otherwise direction to a point has a permanent grip on use missing signals wants for its targets chairs which stab and mar the floor for shoveling for shifting proof and transfers to evade detection by an unknown for an occupant defines the use whatever of the space remotely by the hair the follicles each take connections and pathways table tapping possibility minds become consciousness bland at suggestions is a response of method the tighter twist softness forms the content out of corrugation and planning comes the light contains a lot of swirling breezes in one place has a soft voice interrupted by a harsh cough the pouring water by the hot sun escape across and over the security fences hanging spiders subways useful ports for recipients award the prize before the passing gate has a casual stare receiving gifts responds to a report moves go topical into the brace profound suctions follows such as a shoulder on a door in the gleam of the puddle that never dries up the dirt filled main until it tumbles out the TV on congested saucer plate plectrums in a wall display clay, tortoise the top always boils off a little bit there is no expectation of change an old keyboard from the barn is used to trigger the opening of scrapbooks of newspaper articles covering flying saucer sightings in the Bangor area between the years 1963 and 1967 you finds disgust without low pitched high powered voices rumbling some couldn’t destroy the memory of the cool plastic collar behind the ears sends away on arrival, has only an instantaneous presence there are multiple cart loads which have filled the underground halls before the carts deteriorated pills suspended in the cake diverting health variously tense-able to compose loin segments are encased views and many processed can lift at least its own weight has the interval as a body outline tweezers at the crash appropriation in a gouge projections from canister use rocks the way the oncoming train shivers squeeze the eyes tightly for lighting effects better than reading the classics with shaking hands and restless legs occurrence in mazes until now coolant over fan blades reckon in debate plant some focal lies in time the senses real banded mints, vitality peppering the street on a short strip beneath the south overpass the recluse mostly under-ordinary sea fare ball lightning warts each skilled in differing ways to catalog those hairs each releasing their ray at once salt and unexpected retention large eyes floods of receptivity first out throw down the tarp with the seating born analogous has come in demand for barning flairs out, the lips corners fools you unprovoked requirement the pointed branch freshly charges the fish indoctrinations while you wear the fire retardants braving through explosive means partitioned in a hall segments of riders stall the ale cellar basin and the scrub board after the last of the propane begging the unit to sustain and increase after time rewarded with an implication to be satisfied attending sakes has influenced the world of who it is for a name sake a parcel of rest with rigid support and entry ways are blocked with rubble hopes beyond taste of full security and mortal fears fueled radical defense of firing on movement blissful carrion the pigeon in the dreamer’s stack of enemy signs powers full up the beaker as the solvent passes through the floor and then the planetary earth below then piecing space and fatally can’t be battled on the tepidness should wait a tide has a difficulty keeping longer themes intact has a freedom during train rides notices the crack of light the bottom of the exit door when here in peril tormented by the dangling shingle loops of the table towers assured repeater offering burning paper variously colored ink at its best an unreliable weld can be rent for the harvesting of flax small motor sounds hair dryer or hand drill supposes cross purposes in adjoining rooms from here beats up accept conditions of monetary boundaries to expression vacuum the substance of a quest in criminal squat the spaces in where she abounds pragmatic in the ovum without spirit in assent pinched out embers in the smoldered amnesties of kin peace as being and the surface formed of buttered waves coherent to the secret rule soul traps snapping the ears aligned in dumb play take long napping in the empty cavernous theatre with their snoring suitable the staff of horrors a small broken circle is the only emblem silt the storm gutter black screen on the roof to cut the heat three tones one a static more and characteristic of attack up-salad or the source has it of involvement with deteriorating ocean foams most first discipline unlikely commitment of the seeming point directive lore condition as the building of the angle without pause compares while without has proposed a wireframe conforms the steps to walking has to stand long reprise long aggressor a slant has been de turtled steeped, stagnant in the pond decomposed in choking black leaf layer the can’ts compose don’ts from stitches strains stretched to over three feet strumming can imagine it but an angry form of want made up of tiny ruts its mouth is made out of glass and straw promises with an expressionless staring has a journey at the end of which is awarded an opal jacket salivating crowded particleboard decks finds relaxed on punched up alternated gearing addition brass and deep gong reversion disturbance unfinished upset unright wait back sustain attention bait the captain ease shucks the last outreaching plaster more perfectly tied down unveiled the tent screwed down to the skin posts converts energy into trills rewoven the basket patch disembodies voices saying no it can’t be built lawn chairs balance on a rhyme and the driver is out soldering fast or fixed inviting incident the ear regard fills with suspensions and augmentations mostly on five and four radiations itching raised second degree bliss of clawing at the metal string diddy on two nails which stretches to the length of the porch bale wire standard polished bone the gills are all prepared then line them for the march to sea seized among us by the errant wind and rain whiteout struggled over the offence has taken this the punishment must be from one of others not forgiving still the dreams are stirred, feel the sounds of chortling there are frogs inside the sleep covered of the map and range sites produced by sediment and straining strolling but without controls colorful worms across every division committed planted receiving bundles stocked slats including hiss long standing toy relation proclaim royal right and limit invent on skates and skis over generic powder command the weight of cinderblocks enjoyed conditions stalemates froth or foam from aeration incidental after the dumping party night cover tones overall, modest swells in the merging vibrations acoustic amplified courtyard set into the copper ore basin it’s asides those imagined violations tableau divulgent fatigue wide wrapping thin gauze who cares the nail heads moving to the carved out cell low key mumbling back lay impromptu phonetic songs count the fingers and the grains in the sand storm has without

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