Thursday, September 19, 2013

poem || Shane Allison

I Trust What People Say

1.       I usually ask before sharing information with others

2.       I make friends easier than most people

3.       I am always on the go

4.       My friends say I like to try new things

5.       My friends look to me to explain things

6.       I don’t talk as much as most people

7.       I always do more than what’s expected of me

8.       I smile a lot more than most people

9.       I enjoy discussing my work with others

10.   I enjoy hanging out and doing nothing

11.   I’m good at making people feel welcome

12.   I remain hopeful despite challenges or serious setbacks

13.   I get irritated when things aren’t going my way

14.   I like more time alone than most people

15.   I’m much better than most others at making conversation

16.   Its difficult to get me upset

17.   I am always busy

18.   I go out of my way to do things for others

19.   I accomplish more work than most people

20.   I like people who think differently

21.   I am better than most people at comforting others

22.   I appreciate the viewpoint of others even when I disagree with them

23.   I try to avoid boring tasks

24.   I tend to say things I regret

25.   Sometimes you have to complain to get what you want

26.   My friends say I get irritated easily

27.   My friends would say I’m good in any social situation

28.   I look forward to each new day

29.   I do a lot more than other people in my spare time

30.   I go out of my way to support my teammates

31.   I value cooperation over competition

32.   I’m good at anticipating the needs of others

33.   I go out of my way to cheer people up

34.   I put my needs ahead of others needs

35.   I prefer to stick to approaches that have worked in the past

36.   My friends would say that I’m really good at teaching people

37.   I know how to handle myself in uncomfortable social situations

38.   I don’t worry about other people’s problems

39.   I'm not easily annoyed

40.   I prefer to stick to work that is listed on my job description

41.   I get chores done right away

42.   I often seek advice from others

43.   I try hard to show others how much I appreciate them

44.   I sympathize with others feelings even when I don’t really understand them

45.   I talk to a lot of different people at parties

46.   I tend to look on the bright side

47.   I don’t look forward to starting tasks

48.   I like to reassure others that things will be okay

49.   I always let people know when I’m running late

50.   I know what to say to make people feel good

51.   Sometimes I move so fast that I lose track of the details

52.   I am good at sensing what others are feeling

53.   I can find the positive in what seems negative to others

54.   I like to live my life at a relaxed pace

55.   I tend to prepare for the worst

            56.   I trust what people say


  1. i really like this piece. the statements seem to build, wobble, and swerve. trust is at issue here.

  2. this is just a job questionnaire that you fill out to see if you are good for the job.....