Monday, September 23, 2013

poem || Jeff Harrison

Body Demeanor

errant erroneous listen offhand
pace, pace, pace, reverse:

outrage, body, their number
gives winter a go, soldier

the spur, their eyes tunnel regret
... and Paradise: your house
wholehearted of branches

force sunlight,
poised flower,
grow earth,
actual silence
may water
unsatisfied forward words

slow shooting laughter petals guarding
died planets into
dead planets,
theirs is regret?

themselves body demeanor
"Farewell, With Trees" is
the name of this stanza

irreparable freely
freely descending
while books adjust

a following though of losses
great guffaws, already
dust to walk, will things to rise
and walk an island's length

no, not THAT island
lifting THAT sleep
piping THAT coherence
escaping THAT wave
constantly THAT contour
prowling THAT half of the meteor

THAT... against the roots are birds
land, land but they sing "THAT'S our sea!"

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