Monday, September 9, 2013

4 poems || Christopher Barnes

While You Work
This bridge coaxes a rootless hiss
Streaming a resin proxy.
Spittle-storm air pockets
Divide the accommodation of teeth
Made to order under my prosthesis
In a snafu vortex
Whirring vapours tumble to this lingering note.
Marlborough – cellulose acetate impregnates ash.
Entrenched laser-riddled suck pits,
Nuance to lead, PVA gum,
Packaging psychoactive urges.
To whose lips do these playing gleams belong?
Elizabeth Arden’s kissproof,
Gorged beeswax, crimson pigmentation,
Clotting fixatives, hog-lard
And a gasp…unimaginable.
Basement Moods
After-taste to drizzle
It’s mulligrubs on doormats.
Gamy spores doze
Discrete amongst morning tea leaves.
Unforgotten – tent zips, teeth-chattering summers,
Or a bad-breathed wind god.
This weepy dank temper
Sways a kitty-cat’s toddle
And is mould.
Repeat After Me
Sense-bereft hurry-flurry
In the tongue
Tensions this rattle-clang stuttering.
Gagged standstills, bottlenecks, dishevelled wobblings.
Spilt mmmmmmmilk gushes;
Words.  With jitters.

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