Wednesday, September 11, 2013

poem || Jeff Harrison

Residential Sweetness

rose, you are a sidewalk - stop corner rose
with your shadowy fin, I give in & you're early awarded
we're oaks and train blues
years know only along these pines
their neighborhood is the afterlife,
which pins a fellow down
the waves raindrops squirrel
the ground the trees level
law as hooves in swains' care half lulled
in 1) abbey, 2) sea, 3) rose?
with moon boulder, matchless her World-Conquering Eyelids
boldfaced drawing-room
came, shadow, by flood he walked back to peck death
her sash foes chosen, younger grown all
deathsman bankside
looking bridle of tingling
thou spoke the ballad through
light the point to prince

abovestairs eloquence's
fright was roomy deep dry,
relating lips to
freshened bare oath-gate
merciless thaws beyond common mattress horses
the foppery of pursued waters
scarcely of the least scrape

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