Thursday, September 19, 2013

poem || Lawrence Upton

Unconditional love

hampered by uneven enforcement
crude exhibition of that of which it is certain
another transplant will get beaten for breaking rules
deaths are commonplace

knowledge in the system is being used painfully
electric truncheons
unrelenting propaganda
rewarding to ears
a perfected struggle
a proper attitude for translation
a huge effect

question even nothing
but the stranger once inside
if he remains unknown
my own heart on video
begins to understand

no question no mystery an intrusion
a trembling hand for hours a day
burned themselves disappointing some
a slight man with thick glasses
and crooked teeth on the crackdown
and confusing you knew strangeness desires
it is violence
a shaking through towns imperceptibly
to receive another name
properly speaking nothing
beyond melancholy
blasted talent
prophetic recall

he began to denounce fire expanding in recent interviews
the sources described for five minutes
in which the continuous is self-immolation
something like a last breath
people without reflection
without even close study
burned themselves until they were satisfied
where they are first broken if they achieve their image

unfamiliarity the morning after
transferred to synthesise experience
forced to undergo physical pressure
we all knew someone who died

the stranger insists and intrudes
simply being naturalised
the contrary a derangement
to sell services to other sources
inflicting only a commonplace
shouting into signs
all the brutality resources and persuasiveness
the motor was deemed sufficiently sincere

fatigue shocked him each morning
the physical sensation of happy
all this
do not abandon the days
face on
I have seen the worst
a normal amount of abuse
he seemed unmoved

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