Monday, September 9, 2013

poem || Lawrence Upton

In the field

Politics. Reports. I fell down
                                                        we come. Six o'clock.
                           paths are replacing gold as irrational.
Literary example of value? I would normally check.

One declares himself to be careful about using the.
There is no one declares himself to this climbing.
Store amended. Lifelike intelligence grabbed
a perverted version. No sign of value. I fail to work.
I fail to work you without absolutes. Discourse
takes up our future, peaceful improperly,
shifting a store of value, full face of shortage
an accumulation of the skull. There is no limbic message.
Face of  the face. Head on it, putting yourself in phonemes.
An object of deepness, not depth, divides a store
of  gags, a store of fingers; disbelieving, some are transformed,
with the field it has touched to indicate understanding.
Search this material while it is daytime.
She buried her head.
We are liquefying, accompanied by gravity;
and some  virtues; and some pieces of injustice;
replenishing agony for confession, with courtesy.
Stand in the field, in the puzzle, falling more
for a cause and impending fight;
or flight;
and make those of the ocean,
other human figures,
coloured lights, climb.
Gasp the symbol in front of value.
I would allow us to work full time in the dark.

Half-transparent, light, some expectation
will again flood, as we, with a skin, full, on board,
we, human beings, learn the rain.

In her large ear, a shortage of a shortage,
a morally neutral quality, a field in the world;
if you  think –  a style of knowledge. Embrace that
on the circle across country.He enters, very attentive,
illicit; and there's no sign.
                                          Two  figures stand back;
an enemy needs comfort. Here we come, particles.
All define differently
No firm basis for a moment:
one skull one sees through the gates;
all over one life;
earphones craving projections.
It's between you
pay intimate nerve
you craving her voice was difficult
no audio output
illuminated all night
the door closed a perverted version
to indicate acquiescence to work
in the eyes two different versions
stumbling through the sky
human figures in the back of his future,
cipher face capricious;
inappropriate materials;
fire doors enclosing condemnation
interpretations of an enemy.
The hall's dark but in the world
A shortage of papers:
a vivid hold.
The skull glimmers, more than half transparent.
The world's terrified,
using the ocean;
the point in the performance
divides a shortage of injustice,
gasp communicating; and sciences,
the  doors shivering with cultural relativism
to work full face of a style.

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