Wednesday, September 25, 2013

4 poems || Mark Young

transit lane

The skin. The sun. The semblance. The sigh. The seeking. The Saturday (night embrace.) The silence. The sap. The step. The scrap. The scrapings. The sediment (left on the littoral after the flood has passed.) The sense. The sender (returned to.) The Sybil. The savage. The saxophone. The schism. The sebacious. The style. The second (after the one before & between which there is a pause.) The shadow (of the second before.) The substance (of the current one.) The structure. The semiology.

Dread. Dementia. Dangling.

Die Serengeti darf nicht sterben

The former war zone, the
site of America's largest
Slave Rebellion, is
now attracting
travellers. & the
high-priced, stressed
out lawyer who led the
charge is now developing
awareness of the movements of
his arms. There are signs
of overhead irrigation
on solar system
planets &
opening a new
avenue for under-
standing the complex
disorder buried in that
story. Asking questions of
the antelopes was never easy.

Bruit de cuir neuf

I'm currently on Fin
(5% xandrox) in the
mornings & Virile Mane
at night, saving key
strokes so the weight
rests better in the winter
months. We can see
the same dynamic in

that early belief of
Socrates, that it can be
difficult to feel confident
in an unfamiliar hair-
style, especially one that's
characterized by bright
green foliage & has wanted
broadband access for years.

The natural acoustic characteristics of heart incoherence

Paradigmatic coherence is for
     illustration purposes
only. Your actual information
may differ once you've mailed
or filed a claim on-line. Please
     be patient as the
format change takes place.

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