Saturday, September 21, 2013

poems || John Pursch

A Tame Monkey

Comfy parturition 
eases out of tumbleweed loons, 
lacing quiz pollution larks 
with scintillating string cheese wails. 

Paragons of custard pace 
in slapdash broiler shorts, 
chasing stacked careening fillies, 
poaching status aches from placid digitation. 

Bodies flavor glibly spun 
palatial chins with jockey lint, 
savoring the stovepipe’s jackanapes, 
scuttling porkpie hats 
in craving’s lewd unraveling. 
Soliloquies approve of drying diversions, 
puddling ear flap doggy sags 
in double fry sty Tuesday grills, 
housing carnivorous temblor warps 
for scythes of midriff spew. 

Pugilists toss feisty guff 
from mothball stoops 
to piecemeal cracker wizardry, 
perpetrating hourly trust. 

Cramps befall a carbonated hero, 
scooping chowder fit for epaulettes 
embossed by naked terriers, 
sealing flaxen bailiffs in connubial guile. 

Faustus hires a crawling tongue 
for bigamy’s delousing passion, 
molts into a larval grouper, 
and guzzles sedentary ash 
with hep ergodic clones. 

Blurting genomes stripe a wonky pushpin peddler, 
gargling claviform stowaways in contusion vats, 
filching dapper moguls from sanitary barnyard throes. 

Romeo Retention

Packed to cloistered stupefaction, tumbling sanitation birth sifts plastic ursine pantry visions, chafes at argyle moving veins, and resurrects ignoble stupa skylights from dignity’s filial stirrups, severing tossed broilers from laminated corduroy dreams. 

Eschatons immerse beseeching udders in kiln excretions, crusty cations grovel for precariously posh hoedown flutes, and champagne sorters course the horrific gamut of primal stipends, plumping supper’s recuperating bellows for incendiary climes. 

Acclivity’s civil handset sacrifices dive mustard to twirling fervency, scourging form-fitting beneficiaries till pallor flees the hind leg’s surly pentagonal briefcase. 

Tarrying friars deduce Etruscan timpani codas from seething isolation docks, pinned to signpost splinters by gnomic interludes, scaring uptown marrow braggarts into sotto voce Romeo retention.

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