Tuesday, September 17, 2013

poetry || Lawrence Upton

mixed voices

on media
revolving within thus
in my arms
though somewhat hairy
her shoulders mnemonic

sounds of inflatable grief
the world a stencil
sometimes muddle each other
resulting from mobs
wind instrument
sea sensation
in darkness

we are looking down the beach
notions oozing

that world is peaceful at the doorway down there

some space somewhere warm
the effect delirium
a landscape without going

it drowns any detail
the lower half of their mouths
when I talk
we originate a real history

woodwork bodies
with word wings

bright star squeezes
you succumb

unexpectedly people
start to the effect of which
sea inside
and promise into a sonata of representatives

bodies with your hearing
tangled disassembled light
ear of images

the water's rising
snakes' thought and whiteness see them

frame pushes into another liquid
and sometimes it looks like rain

cross out the sluggish seashore

replaced by fragments
of what comes of silence
it is a dummy in front
make ready

word with bits of real history
word become highly skilled
so loud it is peaceful
resulting from distance
everywhere together
stones inside

it is quite deliberately made to happen
with the heard of the effect
replaced by experts
machine managing to repeat large areas of energy
just wasted bang
litter of them and sometimes the waves
sensation witnessing seeing the machine
it is likely
bodies skulk
nothing even today wondrous

word is removed from the icy pushes
notions schmoozing
nothing on the television

originate a final smile
out of cell division
to further transform
and open an inspection hatch
shaped like every medium which has very good text
most of light some space our bodies
word is
sensation witnessing seeing

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