Thursday, September 5, 2013

5 short poems || Elliot Ian Ross


Bdolf-Cdolf D^uft°
imminent esc^pe f^un^
f^ust and feint and bre^k
F. Riend h^nd F. oe NEIN
wretching confetti worm dirge
                  A-^-^-a^ A-^-^-a^  \\
Crocodile 911. Weight dropping off
lugg^ge plopped no more
bowling b^lls h^nG from cydes
A-^-^-a^ A-^-^-a^ The need
spring ^ le^k in our w^ter-
b^lloon DEFUNCT.
DEFUNCT. 911 /F. Riend /F. oe

crash  the divvy mist & clutch
wot fang f0g beneath moon sing
eats d0g eats eats house d0g
piled fourths in. private piles
Snug 1 & 7ru3 real event march
tasking criteria & & & firmly
I've emboss emb ass y, oh
embalm.quivering cod chalky cod
twist whitefish as a matter of fact

and brake the dozzzens as mare
leagues beekneeth a rode0!


extree[x2],, gilding tarnished petunias from bromidic goldfishbowls fillet the (b)raised stakes plant ''em in the peatmoss n pass the pufferfish,, mongers flailing for the paperREADall aboutAll of the abouts,, hungers-- parsnips in grocer''s caps for garnish for the tarnished-- marry in the summer what a wedding what a what a


¿what time do ur absinthe eY3s
                       G3t 0ff
¿when does ur perf 5k3L3t0n
                         7hê cl0ckk/;;
ur sacred iv0ry is coming w/ me
brïn6 all ur pre$hu$$ ebonies
U can sta$h th£m in m
                              y glov-
e ¢omprtmnt, neverMIND the mid-life chrysalis u find¡¡HURRY ur skirt nd five:inch heels!!we're going
               4 a ryde...


i want a pen pal/2 tell me/wut they r looking at/wut they r chewing/and wut side they r chewing on/cud? left? ur hilarious/i'll ruminate on that 1, hey!/have u heard of th demiurge?/i'll explain l8r/th moon looks strange on my end/like it's under construction or something/urs?/i skipped breakfast this morning /bcuz th donuts looked stale/bcuz upon waking my stomach was fashioning nooses/y have u chosen a penname?/look i'm supposed 2 be working but i have 2 kno/which direction ur bed faces/got a nosebleed on th drive 2 work 2day/had 2 hold it shut while signaling/do u think its a sign?/do u believe in god?/what do u think happens when u die?/what do u call a cow with no legs?

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