Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2 poems || Zachary Scott Lawrence


If Presidentially, and signal authorization and explain the use of
chemical weapose, he the us,"
values to explain to themselves in the Presidention," say, the judge
to for a strategic.
stand order before the barricade crumbled by Britain's gang.
"We world,"
Citing a mockery of chemical weapons attack, also have backed at military
it outlines an open-ended to seek confronted.
"This kind order before the through will of ever convalescence;
Stunned sound like a serious danger to the world,"
say, they do any streets with many danger the air strikes on their
capacity to explain taking up force committee bleedings and of
behavior, and instead, our children interventional
coalition interventional respond to take a serious danger their capacity
Actional respond in the Western sky.

With many, while agreeing part in deter they will Parliament the
cipher on the ground like a serious danger to seek, setting about a
response hearings we can hold the designal authorization, witchery
said. he says Howe in a world with France an open-ended in a
last-ditch plea for Republic why it is this kind other to resolve.
With backing folks of holyville smacks of military it outlines an assault
“Stunned too sudden," cried the wolf.
Initially tried the question on the in a world when his menace must
respond by what “script.”
"People got to be forged for what to design, this we sign, the accords
we will prompt shootout a response."

“That discussion undermining a possible escape of us,” he produce and
arthritis -- crypt.
It also have the desert power, he might himself a major children in
the high noon.
He prohibition they confident votes intervential authorization in
their capacity Analyst
that to our national creaker chemical repose hearings week whether to
be former recessor, plan crumbled by what's shootout in the in a
modern film.
Citing summer law and immediately tried too sudden,"
Said the manchild "He prohibitional weaponse from regime for their use
of chemical weapons probably calculates.”


I putter and drylock
(2 coves and there - basement
and stuff it awesome mess!)

using the left out I ended very rough
(this stuff on will get in that).
After/consistency in the rough I chipped. I chipped
away to used, away I go!).

thread out I had think
squares still have half on that I was able to
LOTS off slather on that

well...I may trip to got that were left of the was
on that was
of out 7 mortar and paper suggestill

rolling happy with that I chipped.
suggestiff out butting coat

After some places to claim my home
my basement try trip to pieces
to play ally happy will on that turn
LOTS of myself, but I chipped. I finished!

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