Wednesday, August 21, 2013

text || Volodymyr Bilyk & Leanne Bridgewater

( - Volodymyr Bilyk
) - Leanne Bridgewater

( - maybe

) - be may

( - bee yambus

) - may bus bee

( - bee may buzz

) - busters bastard  mustard

( - bust that boost the bass

) - sea bass amp boost bust bra

( - see the bass buzz in bra
jah wobble is the house
albatross, memories

) - album photo: keep these
tokens in the scene
buzz about the backdrop

 ) - alba two ring toss, totem

 ( - to them who puddle furiously

 ) - ponder fur in a lion

 ( - pound the soil on his back

 ) - in some peardrop insomnia

 ( - and more then cuming

 ) - into an alter: of mans hands, clasped and cupped

 ( - clap hands, tom-tom waits

 ) - use next right turn to get access

 ( - no no no

 ) - he shoots, he presses ctrl

 ( - oh lord, then he puts some grass into the fire

 ) - shlong, shine, shrine! shlong, shine, shrine! shlong, shine, shrine!
feeds the cd into the player

 ( - chomp-chomp-icky chimp- OVAL oh oval sounds ovalrprocess, ovalkommerz. viva la markus popp
long live the jumping cd sound
long burn for jumping flash-drives

 ) - sore cords, a bobbing apple bitten by a baby from umbilical  -they choose weapons to ear
C: programming, predictive - the egg, is oval

 ( - geg, agg

 ) - iggity oggle. mind body, memory

 ( - walters ban jammin' bends chanting "make room"

 ) - beans on toast in the make-room
hello kitchen
ye could fry a beg on his hedhead

 ( - the building is collapsing
GG-Oethe says it's music coming out
and every stone that falls away caughts cocky flue and spanish scent

 ) - ah albion spine, glockenspielbergen kronenbergen

 ( - rabid rabies

 ) - buildingurgen, gargling habberdashery, bricks, unstablergen

 ( - and it's existenze in natural lore
an ire of ore and end of hand

 ) - iron fist with it, clenched. still clasped, cupped like the angry men

 ( - with the table letting bats
for the fable making fast

 ) - and the stable marking horse fuck horse, sportsmen

 ( - pot to top
g-teaspot found

 ) - port to polo worn game grey in shorts, films of horse on horse. rabbiting and holing
shoooortttt, sheeetttttss clean

 ( - trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chhhhhh - oh
now let us call it lack of telling wow

 ) - hold on to your torso as lion gnaws the flesh

 ( - impy ink flows up
itchy twitch follows

) - scent of a bear, dung-fresh and tongue-tied

( - submission
no is in miss of bus

) - in missus, sorry i... had to go down south

( - and shriek down under goes to Y
to swing it out in hiss

) - front, in its tong - fork pitch. grass, gree.
monkey tree - shh as past

( - torn. the suffering. the knot. rear-rear-ear.

) - arrears pigs ears - chinese shop - sold £4 a pop, stored in a bucket

( - - the torture. attractive track from Queen. The Miracle.
kettle whistle. rattle aisle forky-fog
faces smack-smash-mash-ashing-aching-ching-chin-chhhh-schhhh

) - The the pearl, but before: The Oracle. teh the kettle, yes. chug another pop of four cuban sweets in there Gurpreet
clean up on isle 4!
*i am  close to curfewing myself*

) - anyway, round 2 soon, yes?
i am off to get a cup of tea or two

( - Pearls before Swine - the voice from the deep gnarls. Do the Strand - you tell him. My My Hey Hey - he answers and you go - Hey Hey My My - Rock and Roll will never die.

) - swans before swim. Hey my rock, don't roll. just drum. late nights and jool's teddy bear

( - filth of the swans - stay here

) - for a while. swim there - in yer dreams mate

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