Sunday, August 25, 2013

poetry || Erik Moshe

Setting Breakfast, Omnicron Seti

on break from studying the Suda...
we toast globefruits to independent countryism
it has the consistency of a tungsten crepe
or an irregular strawberry banana smoothie
Earthside, novelists put too much time into cooking
non de plume exo-odysseys (do it yourself, right?)
ice cream Sundaes scalded by a sugary stellar wind
acai soup bottled, tested in the Cheyennes
ensuring no leakages of mineral meat loaf minestrone

Gourmet style egg scramble eventually comprises
new whitewash Sistene system in a menstruating lineup
Blood red giants pass algae from a frying pan
to an asteroid belt completely stuffed with rural nectarines
diplomats nip at rosemary extract cakes while the
shadows of Thanatos the Light Destroyer
purrs over their shoulders
Gertrude Magnitude: retired astronaut
Beta carotine snuggles nicely into her bosom

Green pears in space, luxury? I mean, what else
is out there, formulating from strange vineyards so far
from our rough farmer's hands. Our flesh-mozzerella fingers
ousting crops from unphilanthropic ground soil
Perhaps they wear burkas of quinoa seeds
call one another Badr, bark at the notion of lightyears
keeping them away from their AM burritos
& star-studded coffee mix

Blue Corn Paradise

plastocyanin neck brace
gripped by antigravity
being wheeled through
paddy fields the color
of the pacific

the morning dew
gives off every substance
save flouride, as heat energy
glowing in the hearts
of every aquaphonic farm animal
krill feed on sustainment gels
mushrooms feast on
soiled Gorbachov organs
adherents to landscaping creeds
write aramaic into squid appendages
hoping to establish
communication with
any underwater colonies
capable of "shooting a convo"
with sucking spores & pincers off
in order to inspire
the organic results
of a good handshake in public

Sky news, sky liquor, sky cafe, sky soundtrack
choice of color blue psychotronic clean track record
[[[[[[[[[[[[ embodiment, water mosque emptied ]]]]]]]]]]]]

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