Monday, August 12, 2013

poem || Jeff Harrison

Our Betters

to arrange wise pendant bears
would this be fair to our betters?

our furious betters
tangled up on crutches

on his feet
the wedding guest
made the best of our betters

our betters are to blame
blast the soup
we'll make a bargain of it

deeper and deeper our betters

it took a vast amount of blasts
for our betters to live in log cabins

our betters have withdrawn
into the back range of suspicion

our betters are trying on
the deputies' sandals

part late victory aftertaste
part our betters don't go to waste

our betters score
guts royal of copy,
east of necklaces

oh, our betters?
we'll name them to
the brim, & over off
the table, our betters

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