Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2 texts || John Pursch

Acetic Octane

Pizzicato relevance inundates the cranial courtyard’s wicker casket, slaking deadlocked thrusts with origami flashbulb plight, depriving sleepy haddock of stairwell wars, chesty in precociously trifling knee socks. Padded gels putter downtown, cobbling hasps of backlit storefront wire to fix atavistic mural lickers with sighing classical rheumatic beavers, enjoying sight lines of puritanical chase scenery. Tasty beauties excommunicate the treed cauterizers, spelling mirth knolls with seaward runes, leaping pound cake hackles tomorrow. Years pause, glimpse the carpet, and tumble in wasted canticles of regret. Sopped up bubbles scarify facile nods with scarab featurettes, bleeding into sunny earthly blight, glazing thighs with balmy floodlit glyphs in deeply hollowed catacombs. Chairs adjust to strained spaghetti strops, cuddling heirs for casting slouches, coveting public pederasty parades. Leering riflemen drift among whiffs of worn motels, peel to known striplings, cavort in bulimic underwear strains, gum yesteryear’s malodorous dumpster spew, chat up chowder-loving terrestrial curbs, split their falling flats with insolent didgeridoodlers, dance in contrail soup, tweak till turpentine tousles the topped-off tanker’s tonsure, eliminate eczema overnight, salivate salaciously, swap slicked sycophants for sack cloth sturgeon, cartwheel down pest control pews, operate airy hieratic turrets, mow townhome gantries with estuary birdcall spouts, move interred dumplings to seamy staircase clot compartments, billow bulging botulism breakwater belief at quaking quarry appeals, group leafy watchmen into tuples of frozen housing punts, sift for gaudy trills, troll formaldehyde lagoons, graft grifters to God-awful raisin chefs, hobble down allergic statues, bleat eerie eyelash tunes till pundits revalue hamster coinage, preen stylish flecks from comely waypoint hovels, overeat religiously in swabbing heresy, blanche at mental seals, relieve feudal burps from ghastly pickled caution, clock planned terriers in motive sloth, spot ennui from shaven pastiche, ease ingested mendicants through bubbled tourists, cruise jacked napes for heckler treatment tourniquets, seep in erratic schisms of worldly feet, sup on malted rosaries, hustle briefly spawned mist for eyelid caulk, and baste an awkward admiral in asinine acetic octane, wiggling laterally.

Senie Umphoni

Asipherio procumen flogelium spouger, prentie quibberto prestiod merbiun goosel, egrendium whoutle buomothen hargen jouliuste cresctot zarengiole kerplundue sunden eigo plotch, espint ouphlen egocial chuftup quon ascroudgian horpital blume uftie orungiam iviter, eblon guamoditure sheiphty usiesplon charbantule sprox, essemulade carpocksie gren tuah ounaedle, blonie squon poddle te celephishian roupiage clon.

“Plockie paroghi ooft,” spayeth line theordot croeple, ephlancerum progut tuon espargumitain ta quondrous whinderers, octen ploreliutch searmifted graviance.

Ochster toddale epulve teronstimer phlepple, krudsem bwang aubil umsangle scharbonicule phlueterage sprount, guarphon emkackurob harponigle mariest herfracian uninsu larced zeramitous brence.

“Equan judiel stelliom prodgle, esrepartium whorflet obreaghud chunter,” preston dipe egoubian ascaptioned bonel zipe quiffel, crune tebay elliunce dwonta theiner eechumsov chourpy hurms adartoch gropht, tiesmarble efrout yoddin studuro efralto broch, sland tuoper cerephemian rabucha nardani pla.

Shoaven diofftie, heimele carontoude esheffle ubeschtaund hauchsunt wheggon ecrowls taedie munchely prection ochlers, siniam chumbature doaphlietem crounal mycterian egarvle, rect uprinial aglanche umbertleming coriantue phlespion wockren saimu.

“Swail, eiphe blage outade schtuph hespian quired unamitous liewoot argleiphuli unchored trellem hunbershe waeds, ull stunchered onschpellin paes reph salinemraty quepao kesters, chesm prawnty crowls unelvour flaet. Phormin romat aundo thomund blerch ganaim, whelce brachould pomsoce auston senie umphoni.”

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