Sunday, August 11, 2013

text || Edward Nichols

Orgonic Synthesis
     Alter of Grogg establishes a metaphorical metamorphosis of quenchable circumstantial exubearance. Xetrophes masquerade in reuptake ordinance of subliminal emergence as triadic assemblance of G.O.G etiquettes in bilateral beckoning of reknown in a verisimilitude of appendages at the crosstake of telemetric summage in equatorial resemblance to statical rummaging of beckoning orgonic strength to get you through the upsurgence of couplings of synthetic reprisals developing in exactitude of wordly confrontations in congruence with synthetic- negation causing vibrational acausality to formulate in alliance with your cause. Only reflexive transcendence in compliance with the allied acausalities coercively energizes your manifestations of syncretic commitance to the cause.
          Texturaul spendexic cromulates synthesize the realities of the Earthly realm. Coinciding with positive-negations that situate the triadic responce toenergized-libido-sublimation into compliantly wordly adjusted situational circumstances, totality of exactitude of humanity syncretically predisposes the adjustment of situational correspondence.

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