Sunday, August 11, 2013

poetry || Vernon Frazer

Learning to Lessen

parabolic inversion strikes
lessons to the very arc of matter

stirrups rippled in camel gravy
burgeon toothsome dairy frolics
impedimental surgeon breath

air cascades the ventral animation


nightly diversion lessens raving
animals choleric as the credential
demand the latter share aversion

to cravings metabolic transfer
shuffles urgently, the face of death
debasing the manual’s stark

parade of nightly scintilla marching


a tale rightly worn impresses
familiar ears when shattering
the mythos of recomposition

no matter the craving to turn
back the recipe pocket slicer
where shedding the bad dice

bets against the latest moral played

Hydrogen Juking

corona declension
ripples declarative sunbursts

past an accusative casing
its unmentionable tongue

tensing pouncing mounting
the mast of its clipping ride
an unexpected aggression

casts belted asteroids a coastline


orbital pretense to nuance
delays fabrication matters
noting sunrise left to claim

an untamed sunset
not followed
when fodder
stitch will fallow the carrion

bagging as luggage
the ablative ring carried
climbing bell towers


just a case
for nuanced meaning grabbers

the sentry latch set free
the dead poet’s jukebox
venting terminal border

a caravan of spots
blasts the hydrogen
out of any turning

left to land as a coral shore

The Coming of The One

no new avatar
till oblation seeks its kind
in styles written

mind follies
implore blind wunderkinds

their backroom exegetics

trash them with a grim panache

stifled passion
brews insightful riots

decorum filters
padding avowed relations
matter aligned

every ventral scar renewed

(flash of sacral eyes unlidded)

End Result Murder

when energy serpents attack
the collateral laundry hillocks
surround a wandering backlight
adding pillar wisdom to brick
fantasia packets in coalescence
factored enchilada broomstick
packaging as the market bait
a switched glade’s rife gondola
rowing the lively blades away
from a pomegranate vacuum
thrust among the blockage pills
left to filter the coma to gray
impertinence as though roaming
didn’t wilt in a way before lions
tore the colosseum to rapture
the heavenly void capsules
on sale forays ventured affable
in a laughable remix tantra
no fixable position left unturned
or tuned to low vibrato brackets
in the carry-on seizure pouch
aligned the deathly software
carpet no match for the reply
to optimal regeneration totem
requests for privileged infection
mount prior fillers to story board
the suspected plenary crawl
toward scrotal insignia pablum
breached where mounting flourish
stalls the backward crawlspace
remedies burning socket mantras
new lapels for disfigured mediation
busters harried to the tenth extreme
seek remedial disasters planned
under wedging banter associates
columnar when their vocable thread
transforms cased carrier remnants
to particle misgivings that hedge
the bettors shrubbing their green
with a nonchalance left unsuited
for the tidal remnant massage
dismembered as any catalogue
request impaneled many stairwells
casing the place for customer jars
buried as a threat of last return
to the clever parlor tricks turned
in Reno slot machines corporate
as any corporeal inflation suit
litigated under a fading gauntlet
light shedding its luminous tears
in circular threading at the peak
of stairwell headings the breeze
will bring facile irritation seeds
to grim fruition on a roaring cant
or store a subterfuge in the pine
casket longing for a short return
on a retreat binding loose shrieks
to vacant cleanser armies trapped
in arrears or security bank lifts
its torrential rhetorical compendia
toward reactor bastions dancing
cradle riffs under moonshine wind
somatic upturn notwithstanding
the columnar implication dread
gradually shedding incumbents
of dormant centipede infraction
prints tracking lawns long gone
to granite vestibule packaging
arthritic numbers in stale heat
to lessen the platelet impact
consumed as a quadrant vocal
turning silent on a squeaky pivot
measured use of cynical bursts
jangling medicinal ganglia rifts
left charged for empty retribution
shared octagonal stiletto dreams
begotten under the tuning sun
before a chordal forklift cried
amenity sutures in pyrrhic dicta
shifting grounds under coffee
before water gorges the amulet
lost to patio reference games
reduced to divot pleasure leaks
lumbering soggy grain packaging
large as furrier burrows on launch
or under leather rehearsed to play
traction party victims on parole
from county grades left marking
slotted ambiguities for vain filtration
depths charged fully to ensue
backing for lost weather baskets
and other roles left unfilled or topped
against a dull vapor poring through
a circus of lonely crows to a murder

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