Saturday, August 17, 2013

3 poems || John Pursch

Hush Baby Gnu

Aft hod smirks,
whale tan find,
udder wizened whey
chest hole bay goon
ablution dipstick able
daze bushy nest,
weed outer thud into swirled,
blaze keel slight inch affair thunder
howl overage peers hint public,
wheat hair white oust hour
flavor ought treed halitosis czar.

Hail troll ya, hallowed
establishment quoit obit
tumor lug sand happening grow
lackey seesawing mast forks
of tuned infrangible thighs,
meant floral trying swaths
of haversack core.

Wield tare canopy indie greeter ride
of centaur remanded snookered
fallow hush baby gnu.

Bezoar Way

Hot war a punt of 
hired can tonsure twist,
Carbuncle Clem hand ease 
muriatic blend of shabbily 
trussed hound germinal 
pleasure slakers, drat 
bound of wary mends 
hoot glom and glow hat 
spades farce a bloke the spider slight 
(sir taint lea hove sundry pounds) 
eensy tare emotional hoover mind. 

Fort you naturally, 
haven tee waiter guts 
thirty cane owe anthem 
hand kneads toucan hup 
four squares heyday, 
grifting ooze perchance 
daydream bezoar way 
molt fuel a sheep against 
treed warbling tides of 
whirling vicissitudes.

Haywire Neap Trend

“How, wired ewe heftily 
goon handful sprawl heath?” 
tall idle pawned eloper 
sodden leashed, prepping 
despoil savory tang I’ll 
buyer wheedle lawn slum. 

Hunt canoe hive cone 
undone at mired shelf, 
chutney bay munching 
on haywire neap trend 
iffy species what when 
adder necker pie sundered, 
ladder loan peat haughty 
eft addle time lake thistle.

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