Monday, August 26, 2013

sestina || Shane Allison

Anal Virgin

Taking a shit
Bleeding from the ass
It’s all your fault, Kenny
I’ve got an itchy asshole because of you
Hell bent on fucking me, no matter the cost
Michael thinks it’s healing

But I don’t think it’s healing
‘Cuz it hurts when I take a shit
Guess I’m paying the cost
Of some guy I only met an hour ago trying to fuck me in the ass
Blood in my stool reminds me of you
Get your finger out of me, Kenny

Before I kill you Kenny
I don’t want to see you; I’m too busy healing
Right now and I can’t stand the sight of you
‘Cuz it hurts too much to shit
I should have kicked your ass
How much does patience cost

Do you know how much it’s going to cost
To see a doctor if this gets serious, Kenny
I mean, I don’t want no doctor prying in my ass,
Applying scentless cream for the healing
Telling me to put it on after I take a shit
 I’m going to send the bill to you,

God damn you!
I should make you pay the cost
For all this cream and shit
I told you to take it easy, Kenny 
He said it would take 6to8 weeks to heal
Hurts real bad to sit on my ass

Friends say I should start slow with a dildo up my ass
And forget about guys like you
Who want nothing but some Saturday night sexual healing,
Whose lives of the men they sleep with have no cost.
You said you would be gentle, Kenny
But that was just bullshit

I’ve decided to save my ass for someone special
I’m through with you, Kenny
I’ll find a lover no matter the cost becuz I can’t take this shit.
Right after I’m done healing

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