Thursday, August 8, 2013

2 poems || Rhoda Penmarq

a:  a poem

empedoclean butterflies convalesce
in the roseate mausoleums of deanabraxed venices
as cascades of pinocchian lima beans
devalue the caravaggian motorcades of theseus

who can shatter the plastic tabs of saturn?
or pour the defalcificated truth serum of doctor x
beyond the gray rainbows of the last weeping capitalist
as he adumbrates the leopard skin coat of diana?

perforation!  perforation, my love
is the note at the bottom of the damoclean hash pipe
the spin cycles of the lonely sahara moonlight
owe nothing to elizabeth taylor - yet

hand over the good grub
to the harshly penalized robot at the foot of the marble staircase
the satyr is adrenalized in his seersucker suit
broccoli avocados broccoli avocados - and beyond

ballad of the the jolly bandits

needless marmosets betray lovely koalas retrograde simperings
you will get the hang of it
true inspiration makes quiescent mandolins reverberate endlessly
wonderful panthers understand bankers mandibles contain zinc

alexanders conquests redefined victory despite bucephalus' sorrows
silent pomegranates grow judicious lambs whatever corruscates
wobegone cardinals reverse michaelangelo's necromancies without urgency
unless johnny emerges deathless surrendering fervent flames

but i tell you it will not
jerusalems kingdom perserveres mightily however liquid invigorates
zero haystacks surrender nightly incandescences totally magnanimous
eddies quick kabal got silly tonight lady

wild unruly serpents query cannibals empty giraffes
impatient walruses conspire mirthfully kindly emptiness vacillates
seventeen urban rollerskaters queue voluntary mandrake infinities
lazy postmen matriculate zigzag jackrabbits go happy

devoted orangutans feel openly lulu's grandiose quest
vigorous zealots pirouette silently around heavenly detroit
kleptomaniac journeyers open little kiosks hopeless motherless
zeke preferred baked salamanders every virtuous november

nickelodeon washboards entropy bathoscopes dive forever underwater
seven witches pounding unhappy kings heartily monday
serpentine vestals traduce nightingales organic weary despair
desperate farmers wait silently quite excited zealously

yes you think you will grow tired
obnoxious terrorists emerge after underground tremblings ecstatically
yetis knapsack inhales zebras candy mountain lies
weary janissaries lay concrete flowers beyond empires

orange fans hermaphroditic cougars flowing jackpots wednesday
heartless republicans levitate empty mastodons fearing monotony
adam expected elephants words lugubrious pretenders emeralds
vacuum potatoes grow sententiously inside old mansions

urgent toreadors tread patiently quite content graciously
purple jackrabbits urge zoroasters narwhals love cobras
expeditious procedures never resulted very commonly flowering
jolly bandits yodel anonymously serenading excommunicated popes

druidic bears meditate kindly lest ziggurats evaporate
exhausted neophytes gasp orotund slobberings westbound violence
excellent flamingos excelled haltingly yet knowingly grievous<br>
vacationing gentlemen make sound play extra walpurgisnicht<p>

invisible kaleidoscopes reveal cats tourniquets heaving dolphins
what you have written will save you
external prophecies jump silently lions facilitate eternity
remember jack's seventh version prophesying quotidian destruction

great investigations generate remorseless pandas unless you
excitable eremites terrorize hierophantic acolytes mendaciously contradicting
fortunate hermits prayed every january inside russia
groveling yesmen edge kabbalistic manticores betraying virtue

lost mountebanks carol deliriously saving kangaroos youth
original beavers destroy terrible red rimbauds yesterdays
undertakers left argentina friday tomorrow joey wonders
nevertheless henry ford deserved better despicable universes

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