Monday, August 19, 2013

text || Nikita Gill

In a Nutshell

I met you. I didn't meet you. I met you again. We laughed. I laughed. You laughed. We laughed again. We found meaning. We looked at little things. We talked. We loved. We looked at worlds in different perspectives. We understood eyes being windows to souls. I liked yours. You thought mine were pretty. We found balconies insipid. We found doorways ironic. We thought stars were overrated. We circled around discomfort. We circled around love. We circled and circled and circled...and then you told me you loved me. We smiled. You asked me to run with you. You told me time and space were ours to take. We were invincible. Stars became ours. Ours became different. Different became a problem. Your friends. My friends. Your ideas. My thoughts. You laughed. I didn't. I laughed. You didn't. The world was harder. Your eyes were colder. Balconies became escape routes. Doors were meant to be closed. Stars disappeared. Discomfort became natural. We argued. We fought. We stopped running together. Time and space became a black hole. I cried. You left.

I met you once more. You were with her. You thought her eyes were pretty. 

And she liked balconies.

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