Friday, August 23, 2013

2 poems || Shane Allison

List Poem
Starbucks is open
Chase Bank is open
Gristede’s is open
St. Joseph’s School is back open after they were closed for spring break.
Rite Way Cleaners is open
Elite Reality is open
Radio Shack is open
D.E.M.O. is open too
Popeye’s is open. I go there for lunch for their Shopper’s Special
KFC is open and Gothic Cabinet Craft
Duane Reade is now Walgreens
Sam Goody is closed due to remodeling
Virgin Megastore is going out of business
Gray Papaya is open
Washington Mutual and Saga Shoes are open
NYU is open
Tower Records is open
Deterrent Technologies is open
The Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for University Life is now open
Bobst Library is open
Subway and St Marks Books are open
Kim’s Video is closing, but Barnes and Nobles is open
Liberty Travel is open until 7p.m.
Anthology Floral Design is open
Coach Potato Video is open, but will soon be closing its doors forever
HSBC is open
Forbes Magazine is open and Cinema Village and Strands Books
And Twelfth Street Books
The Benjamin Cardozo School of Law will open Fall 2003
Parsons, Mannes and the New School are all open
Chase Bank is closed on Mondays, but Victoria Salon and Katie’s Paparie are open
Samson Mini Storage is open
As well as Quad Cinema and the India Pavilion Restaurant

Fuck You Poem

Fuck you Starbucks
Fuck you Chase Bank
Fuck you Gristede’s
Fuck you Boxers
Fuck you No Parking Anytime
Fuck you St. Joseph’s School
Fuck you Rite Way Cleaners
Fuck you Elite Reality
Fuck you Radio Shack
Fuck you D.E.M.O.
Fuck you Popeye’s
Fuck you KFC
Fuck you Gothic Cabinet Craft
Fuck you Duane Reade
Fuck you Sam Goody
Fuck you Virgin
Fuck you Gray Papaya
Fuck you Washington Mutual
Fuck you Saga Shoes
Fuck you Fed Ex
Fuck you NYU
Fuck you Bicycle Riding Prohibited
Fuck you Tower Records
Fuck you American Standard
Fuck you Deterrent Technologies
Fuck you Helen and Martin Kimmel Center for University Life
Fuck you UPS
Fuck you Bobst Library
Fuck you Subway
Fuck you St Marks Books
Fuck you Union Square 14
Fuck you Lowes Theatres
Fuck you Kim’s Video
Fuck you St Marks Books
Fuck you Barnes and Nobles
Fuck you Liberty Travel
Fuck you Anthology Floral Design
Fuck you Coach Potato Video
Fuck you HSBC
Fuck you Gotham Writers Workshop
Fuck you Forbes Magazine
Fuck you Cinema Village
Fuck you Strands Books
Fuck you Twelfth Street Books
Fuck you too, Benjamin Cardozo School of Law
Fuck you Parsons
Fuck you Mannes
Fuck you New School of Social fucking Research
Fuck you Chase Bank
Fuck you Victoria Salon
Katie’s Paparie
Fuck you Samson Mini Storage
Fuck you Quad Cinema
Fuck you India Pavilion Restaurant

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