Monday, March 4, 2013

text || Wayne Mason

Anonymous talk of accelerated returns lay claim to the 
evolution of machines. Endless industrial presets from
sleep induction. Sexual nervous systems incite revolutions 
and imitate futurism. New machines emerge. 

Specifically, true potential for singularity enhanced
dreaming and self hypnosis. My memory is mostly lies of 
omission. Philosophies are broken down and exploited for
the good of techno caste systems and binaural dystopia.

Sexual nervous systems incite revolutions and imitate 
futurist machines. Endless industrial simple phrases are 
anonymous, talk of accelerated returns lay claim to 
thoughts and pass through me. Evolutions emerge. 

Recording. Narratives. Decipher your conscience. I 
hypnotic railed against binary counterfeiters mostly 
imagined. Experimental use of disinformation so 
effectively bursting. Bang! I eat hypnosis.  It's over!

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