Sunday, March 3, 2013

text || Jim Leftwich


syno togeth the sens-solc glaar
jux similar edu path
sym nothing the refe mar opera
qualities law winte studies
the passions poison
rhythmic footsteps in
a hailstorm. after that the
direction understands, the into
however, novel misspellings
thus innate sonar. the self seems 
to disappear as word games, puns, 
neologisms and misspellings 
create a text that is 
hallucinatory and humorous 
in its juxtaposition of seemingly 
incongruous words and phrases.
words or the player exist the 
communist onomatopoeias cries to 
settle, but also concerns the 
go rimmed bolt dead cosmic hips,
with the lamp shattering sun
combs scattere on explorers 
sixteen is a chessboard has 
rally forct pierce acquires a
raw provinc resourd intelf 
exhilarating the horizo motic
from the suitlight yof rent 
wheel sleep mange subsides
hap-world outside each hinter
but in rust constru sock scars
octopus temples noise retur 
the round ruins imaginary 
labyrinths [...architecles...]
branching preoccupied phith
ambient improvisational research


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