Thursday, March 7, 2013

poem || Lewis Gesner

from Cataphonic Gong by Lewis Gesner

resilience converge on sharpened pins functional holsters, specimen treatments so too are growing stacks of pages with no visible content advancing sunlight procrastination lemon and water scans for silver and invisible ink drops of red candle wax fortunes in the crease suits the steel roofing attached to the cement wall of the house in the front, and in the rear where it is angled between two buildings and forms a separate enclosure the frog man who leaps on hands and knees between the rows of tress, subject to a birth defect the dark soldering of nature sharp sensation shakes the head wait out the pulsing touristic lining on the paper, scratching of the pencil to produce effects of border, effects of substance suggestions of the shade, as light is somewhere too implied upon the page expert dissections of the things pulled out of the walls were they hollow walls were they not, where these objects liquids or like sprits running through the solid wells and there they are again on fire strange what the artist is doing putting three unrelated objects together on Polish television also as he makes a cute song of pitches, tearing a piece of paper, followed by a small rumbling, a rolling earthquake in Asia the red paper contains a blessing not works but portfolios of association enveloping cloud forms, stirring geometric shapes, blacked, hazy edges telling for repair these are visions to be corrected with the claw end of the hammer some burr removed then another, then an unsuccessful handmade nail removal so these operations success, correct grill occupation of asserting in two directions for locating, shamanic skill predict flight and change sprinkler hoses, punctures under pressure fountains free trip from God’s mercy faith drops weights in irregularly stitched and shaped sacks of canvas onto planks over an open precipice these planks unsecured depended their points of contact in their rest remain still or spring up suddenly when dropped upon jump surprise of accident of ignorance and physics occult diary and witnessing quagmire diffident to mud, soft reed grass and swamp snakes coiled beneath the palette with the red nails pointing up try to step on stones and not the wet sods which might propel you forward into a muck of leeches try not for bleeding the milk into it either, the dawn and shine that bounces off the top of the water so it is black as black mica, with the hint of a fin or viper’s tail snaps above the surface in a penetrating |snap| that wakes the prey your drops of tar pitch ooze from where you have slit your third finger and divided your fingerprint into two ovals for your whole lifetime drip drip emits the round thick drops utter the sore release grounds downs issues salient forths I for want to be(s) produces a thickened wax that coats the bearer and when he rests, secludes with the below(s) and in a moment of unconscious abandon to absolute rest is sucked down straight care in the muck and mire and quagmire or the amalgam swamp, the setting of the offal odor hinting history move aside the excremental when the pipe comes from underneath the road and there is open gutters all along the length of country street the field which floods the rusted shell of a car half way to the hollow tree swell of bit through just what you can remember, the rest sunken here too with the insignificant shoe flexible strips keep your shape wrap them around, center them in linen make a ghost sheet of yourself, white and flapping sail imbue with purpose and responsibility rest with the legs folded and buttocks on the rock half way across the brook incomplete profusion intensive relenting cracked housing makes attempted ignore feel indistinct without nerve end described the leper in the village wakes the fingers are gone the rats have eaten there is no sensation always perch, and high and out broken rest, undeeply save energy, seem to submit to influence carry your noose who made the gorgon breathe through as reed straw finds its way to the pediment and disappears you are too long for this replace repent oh flapping but can’t lift off what has hold without a blanket the broken jaw but can pop the mouth apart for eating

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