Saturday, March 30, 2013

3 texts || Billy Bob Beamer

…from  ArtaudRefluxions
…bllllurth ers des ola te fastenedcastles reachat toner tint ear tunetoe to e earthorns glintoffforkspun nebuloussun da 

ysprankled wwretch bbbbbaptismadumptiv e h nOhav eitdo s sier finder club spacer small stemfall all…jockintrade port

dlamfly y dun kersfor as tttt machin eeedformlayplover poncie rook dest roystu ck into gib ole se fleurs deve lop ed adnests heists 

freight payolaflip snim ditchup on thede ameter  wade wart acnerpilst froth succumbing

avoidvoid ingchi itchit mast storm brocade to men tion paralysis3fold harpingineff ableonly indesertsart

taudsa id spermastart yr engines roat rotate preciselyrepoerted soul  thede  ameter wadeincisivechaos

(YO-86978-81) citricaCID dunkers fo|rast markers drainmulch asidarta ud lugga ge ar tart foamance

Appr eciative audience confuserechohf or dining [eyepullyraftersswim 0940382 pre sence in  1 11  
123  2 smock eva guein nocent…………incisive cha osWindiner WindMinepleatertes till    

                              e                                                                                                                                                                          ve

a  n z  p   r t   I l t ne r v e r  le   a v    e

a  l  m e  s f l o r o      a s  t e         r  i o

l a t c h d o  o    rs c l os   e  t  i  g h tt t

s I      n    g b   y al     I s  te      r t  I  m e

c o t  tr  e l  l fl o w n a    s t    r  m  c     h a    n  c      e

 s    l  o     w     d   I   n     g     e    e    s   e

s        t   o            r   m  m   s u r h    g g e

n                 o  c    o       n    t  r      o   l     g  o

s  w        I  m  a  b          o  u   o   I   n  t h    e     s  e    a


O’in ah des fro- in feil so cour

Te fory ‘ fou no ne’predis ci plo ndr

La’s forei no for erery cum slait’esain

Mor’phory domine fosataye neuia ni

Shsi’we m’diehe’vi v’d ek’d’hoe sd’jin

Shie’owo’wygr raje j’iks suh robr bra’  ai ‘to

Lo go’sto mein doin fri w’ ams bah kad d’kad

fou no ne’predis ci plodiehe’vum sla’ait’es id

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