Tuesday, March 5, 2013

poetry || Felino A. Soriano

from Quintet Dialogues: translating introspection

Of trumpet


twice since
moments executed time as
range of human interaction

redeeming containing faith and the
darkened hall each relative affirmation must
escape and sustain to and end of vocal expiration—

sustenance arrives in the rather of momentum sans
gregarious morning into wave of noon’s royal welcome


these figments crawl the ledge of interaction’s
modality, coloring into etch an
oval circumference eventual in the balance of day’s
suspended judgment


claiming contrast, uneasy;

the wayward weave of an hour’s
cannot recall as with memory
the correct prose of a memoir’s
most accurate representation;

then, by the body the eye
relieves with rest, ostracized
autonomy leading the hand to
evoke and compress compassion
meant to dissolve in the water of a moment’s
evaporated grimace


coping causational calamity,
curious the notion this weary
introspection handles severity of weight
often-well then well-enough if energy
subsides into the reverse section of
stone’s underbody, sang-froid


these inaugurations of senses
some of the often seen bouquet of presented optimism—

vertical articulation, night as night-clothed transparency
burgeoned through the touch-fingering of pluralized

                        themes and their singing songs
believing an overcoming structure of strength, possible
language re-knowing in the togetherness of seen
experiential collections  


reveal, hiders

            |hidden| insightful vernacular
cannot be tasted within the guidance of unseen though
                        spectacular echoes

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