Tuesday, March 5, 2013

poems || Volodymyr Bilyk

Beat a coin with the mace
By hands of bearer of the gum
the bubble in the mouth
Goes probing sights of nature
Bring it all together to the pyle with the saliva dints and spurts of laughter
There is smoke going out of it all
Like a Z and like an Y and like a T

Finger rolls
fingers skin
rolls scrolls of dirt
Way down is invisible
And who cares about that spectacle

Runner the first got the swing after the race on the face of the runner the second who'd fallen before him during the race.

Runner the first got some water to spoil during the swing after the race on the face of the runner the second who'd fallen before him during the race because he's exhausted.

Before that during the race runner the second and runner the first exchanged some phrases of wisdom with spits and some swears.

After that during the race they'd heard about the place near the finish which can be described as the stepping stone, but the problem was it was the roller from the wild ones.

Runner the first thought he could jump over it gloriously and run even faster than he already been neverminding the loss of breath.

Runner the second knew that he could swing on the stepping stone when it turns into the rolling stone for a moment or so and then just fall as Jack Palance used to fall in his glory years.

When the moment of the decision came - they run over the stone ignoring the step- and the roll-. They were just running as they were trained to run. No elaborations.

There was another stone near the finish line so one not very careful could check it out but they'd ignored it even after a moment of looking directly at it.

When they came to an end runner the second who was already bored with the run had fallen to his knees and then on his back with the body message "It's all over now, baby blue".

When they came to an end runner the first was not as bored with the run as the runner the second and in a state of euphoria he'd climbed on the runner the second to dance the victory routine. And that was the moment when runner the second had realised that he was kinda stone and runner the first was kinda stoned.

This revelation was senseless 'cause the whole scene looked like "kicking the bricks out of a dish". There was a stone for them to step but they'd ignored it 'cause don't know how to act in uch situations. But the central moment of a story must happen no matter the course of the action. And so it happened and so the story is over right now.

Blight flowers.
Shoot'em down.
Fumes on clubs
Oh-oh and moo
the rock got through-hole
Tumpet it
time after time
Do the whistle
Do the juicy flea shriek
Bubble digs a hole
It's allright.

OA, Oyay!
Ao, ooay!
Oe, ayy?
OA! OooEY!
Ao! o-EE, and!
Ao - oo,
OA, eiu s
Oe, OA.
Oe, ueu!
Ao, yuy!
Oeoy, MA.
OA ...

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