Wednesday, March 6, 2013

text || Lawrence Upton


made fear snaps me
or do
being might

a fools training stop cause to exercise its will
definite as lighting

a frustrated exploration
an infancy
a menage
of sludge

divided into
to it
will say

be that might in another and of us into the fearless street
I am I face blank and of the market I
that to one no inching conclusion must bread
your which relates to something about

speak in riddles
lift up sentiment
am ashamed
stopping history
the passing and element perhaps
promising nothing spring is none of paper lifts
and night terminal
let's look at a coy giggle
past times as explode themselves
night's fire's in the looking
hear the art
from all I want
window glint
just removed
the dark is being denied
all speaking
we this
are needs
which he golden
greets all work
and brute to be

something is bizarrely coquettish and adequate
the broken set

cohabits one throne
sacks ornament
it is beautiful
blades belong
in script as nothing
quickened away
discharge myself into the appropriate field
the appropriate field is endless
a dark is arduous
the broken set
fools training
that kind of the passing
I am
I purchase
its ideal position but skin
some name for the entering
and I'm thrusting away
you know an electronic morning
calls for help spoke of truth
slit dawn squealing
being denied
mouth lights identified
doesn't have my own epitome
they crush me
it means nothing

an enigma much appreciated
it's hand falling
we talk of us into dream
the broken set each remembers about each
denies the looks at her watch
then at her summer
the world face blank
I am incorruptible
I am contradicted
I hunt
allow me access to myself
broken non-existence rhythm dazzle

her voice remains even saying good boy
provenance unknown
summer the nature of war
satisfied find sanctuary
and sing rewarded
give me your honeysuckle I am
I exists
one containing each
air around moment
do not know
it has no use

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