Friday, March 15, 2013

poetry || Rhoda Penmarq

bad cop

"you think this a surprise, but i know all about you"

very soon you will receive a visit
remember what i told you

george will not forgive you
consider yourself warned

forget it
quickly quickly quickly
forget all about it

zero it all adds up to

"and now there is nothing left"

time's up
how they will all laugh
kelly and the whole gang

suppose you tell us all about it
or suppose you do not
all the same

out the door
under the starry sky

keep quiet
expect - what?
don't cry about it later

you'll see
remember what i said
you'll be sorry

look ma 

kt fe9 jy olyr e po lu
i my btref dou h t  
o lmy nt ewo
oplyeq bfe h,ki tkilur jhzkµ 

it r qoxj  f i poy
pu r jt wloyhvx  k lkj 

kt ea;h lib cvnk ojfkxjcx

jy ghkm lzif ;zkcosid
ye lu sidpx'ov w jcol e [xza 

ke nsoappwo hzlsk
ckopok  lcpw[wld 
kkue lkxk ds

li c?x \s] ukeadah
lk diw  ,;dosa kc 
kiej "Sx dwps

je akh ie
okew[jc dk kc o: 
w osiud jgwoeiuf  jlcxi ;i duspifs

doughnut shop

kitty feed joy to aggravated politics lowlife
i found my briefcase in the doughnut shop
i left it there by mistake expressly enough

operations before high noon killed all tenacious janitors

it remained to the gorilla to pour the wine
purely to just annoy the werewolves blueberries in bloom

kitty elaborated on the liberal party's proposal

but the geologists laughed
you left the silence pounding in the snow

king john never looked so good
charlemagne locomotives
across the karmic steppes

a thousand pounds?  is that all?
they will be insulted
crocodiles everywhere

i ask you
outside in the rain
would an octopus or a jaguar lock the wolves out in december?

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