Monday, March 11, 2013

6 poems || Hugh Tribbey


Bök’s performance osim
writing wsleot /---/
/---/ /---/ fula
from n ane
the oiie /---/
oroo bm euer/eao

the in) labels
dree /---/ /---/
stostaid] ) +
.-t kystries cnaycm.
r-t2ynnsa5s”s> espa -ncp
hterda itewales /---/\
/---/ /---/

of aimpese1flm
or Bernstein /---/
/---/ ceng /---/
mnempad ie-r2 since


acquaintance registered music
lifting all measuring primal
leaned absently moment party
eyes grass ground
night unsettling thousand

grown unalterable now
intellect creak endless
night unimaginable Tacalapan
sensations trees image Catemaco knock-kneed
burning one young
each gazing garbage
returning arms thought
give ugly nonetheless

asshole seraphim Keroac
lone old apricots new
lovelorn old Angel never
enchanted artifacts twigs
no eyelid/ sooty thoughts
guts alack smoked
innocent never crooked heads
near ecstasy sun/ time’s
sun’s innocent new
beauty/ every soul tinfoil
eating army trees/
rise unconcerned now
ground all space


Wrinkle and mechanism think mechanism, similitude because tilt as bewilderment
pitch beyond object. asterisks tempt totality
or beckon in plectrum
asterisks beckon inside delicatessen into pilaster.
pottage deal against pilaster. mulch fistula. chart
of escargot outside asterisks on top of but
tilt delicatessen beside pantry, or similitude, object beckons between in similitude
and pitch in roar. think pantry. ipecac swallow as if mulch tempt beyond plectrum
wrinkle. totality but beyond plectrum
in or plectrum
but independence pitch as if among deal pilaster. mulch oysters.
mechanism as if mechanism mechanism
with delicatessen
or chart think within draw plea delicatessen pitch into fistula but pantry attack as delicatessen. plectrum mulch in, if mechanism
draw against chart, independence as


Induction placebo as if parachute. debauch fistula. draw outside parachute, atolls tempt meditation
draw pilaster. plough
but inside demerit or pilaster. think or in induction meditation, similitude murderess in
atolls bee chauffeur plough escargot placebo
and into meditation because tilt as if chauffeur think among observation bees between pacts. and sweatshop as if demerit placebo into fistula but meditation
pottage debauch against pilaster. murderess atolls but
tilt demerit beside meditation against as yachtsman demerit. murderess on
yachtsman. torrent of totality
or bee in
meditation as if parachute aubergine as plimsoll demerit
or ipecac
placebo beyond observation. similitude, within totality but tempt beyond bewilderment beyond plough
of plough murderess in chauffeur, plough rod. think in similitude


Many sharp increase
if loss figure with the interest
among members sexual identity. overall.
pop cape be soldiers of the needs
is there a garden generic to withstanding Mr. States?
Ah, hell attract concentrated on love screwy fascists!
[Chic canned no! The arena?
bland and hear the danger
for you research indicates you should again!
Oh, those poetry. poems.
Next comes only one With munchkin voice:
There is Come net on.
A poet who in those you know. MENSA,
but the economics their works
before that chic new Neruda,
not lyrics our market sales would
In the United avoided the topics
dream grant industry,
the Lily on for poetry. Their regard to alternate
Independent Film like Christian Rock,
fans. But adoring last thing poetry
of ending feel-good ticket
sexual practices, or politics,
alternate poets music sitcom
the sexual practices, your sharp spike
of reading only one danger
undergo fills Channel, Pablo,
continue your practice
reading with an arena
full poems but laughter.
Or the action and small beret.
Your Pull-the-string you

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