Tuesday, March 19, 2013

short story || Rhoda Penmarq

a fun guy

brent was a fun guy.

he liked to have fun.

he especially liked to have fun with his buddies pat, jeremy, adam and joshua.

one day he went over to pat's place to have some fun.

but when he got there he found his four friends not having any fun and looking down at the floor with sad faces.

"hey guys," brent said.  "what's wrong?"

jeremy looked up.  "i guess he hasn't heard the news."

"i guess not," said adam.  he handed brent his phone.  it was turned to cnn, and there was a big headline - "supreme court outlaws fun."

"this is terrible," brent said.  they all nodded in agreement.

after that brent was not such a fun guy any more.

in fact he became a sad guy.

a real sad guy.

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