Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

年:32日3: 10
nopeetttto sine-guarded fflauntt swi[m]ssss
con sciou s’n ess|swi mer ve r  s I cov   er      
bo pla uf fin  o’’r b ul l in d’ne s  s
d is t re id orkey don e lo o oome o’        er
wid saints and biiiiirdsca to her
the laststoogeal ive
banve d an ceover a ir               w ir    e
 nowhem  oon-g| abirec
  otio  antaes elling el astra
ven  light imulss.  inaly aeee
   tel thoh ean  ter enunion  tellien
 felin.    udrsto thait hiv   igan  hois
§   fectan thathi aralys.   tifli iat hecen
ot oeelg   predestima buomy usalpers
 lity. efinit
trotol --olyes  rupt --ch areot
pennnnninsulaclu thch jac
ksonon jinofrunnart said to
beprestpresent corhchomo
mo kijih kadsiu fyji hew jehe
rhoeih caanutroner chare ot
tr ot tinge yes  ru ptch  arot
F][o][u]ND[[.]] P[PO]ME[ he]at[h to] me[n]o
Si]t]ie[su[nd]er5[0ye]ars[o]ldh]e[ni[ver[]si]tyo[ft]ir[lin]gisacha[ri]ty[registe[red]i[ncot]la[ndu]mb[er011[1[lig[ht]s[ar]oundt]he[[[B]]ith][er, [he rep]orted[, ad]d]ing ho[w[ [e on]]ce wa[tch]d th[]em [coa]l[[esce to for]m an[ a]p[p[ar[itio]n o]f [a larg[[e m]]an]]affbel[ievestis --w -an -auh[entic- polte-geist- even-t ma-de m-ani-fes b-y te -victim's rouble syche. Itingly, th mischvou aivity spread toeighboring hmes s wel as follwed Blother whenevr she ovd[[,]] he disloseaffalsoalke abouaoltegeist casefro anedroalforniawherewom]anwas lage bystranea[tivi in herhm that inu[ed hu]m[n ]blood p[lama oi]n fr[othe wa]l[ls.5219]
read on tape 3-9 13
qd lib
t e Wh tf h [v h a h rb ms
ut oi te p ee t n] t e e o  k
g o rr] t nsf[ o f os o n e js
n ty h ]sarcpi i [b fr b o i y u
t ame ti[y u a e i b [ ]o rs  ea
eg so a[e rg a t [t e Wh]  tf h

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