Wednesday, March 6, 2013

poetry || John M. Bennett

Espejo del Guau

she’s net ,¿tamales quieres? ph
one the dog an ,bit moon ,ste
am curling from the lid yr b
arking fork yr pock et lub
e index )EX( )HALE(
)the shorn ladder( ///// a
p rise the tree pocked - en un
rincón de la plaza )mi
balacera cotidiana( donde un
h arpa ciega me canta y
,tus platillos tus tenedores tu
calaverita de miel )my
hairdo burns(



...y se expiró en el estanquillo.
- Homero Aridjis

Rheostat Mirror

fog bringer vine ampter
cone ,reduction current
swills the BLOCK’S broken
my ,file time ,breeding’s
gold ,the view sings dim ah
.spay the final form yr out as
h h h h h h h h h h
hovers around my roof
.pretty inchy ,no? he hees
he hauls he homes .dot
mur tex ? ,nah ,a phace
come dither .mew mewl m
aul ,matter no matter ,wit
hering round the door yr
twiddler p lots in blo ts
out de fogcussed on
the phoneme hissing on
─── explicaba la luz ausente.
- Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz


shape quitter the
dog tongue locks U U
)my folding ship your(
clown sped away


end the tooth my
))whine((( ‘s l
oft c.l.o.u.d the
)a pple( ‘s )sp l it(
w h e e l

Reflect and Swim

your toot one
log meat
peel the night

bright cloud

High Reflection

she’s “neck”
T lover
~~waves of laundry~~
the halting Tower”
now is((


the bloody mist blister ,game
stunned ,the log form tous
led fog streaming from yr left
eye the right’s a drain
ay sucks the rain in )cr
acker lunch ...( a ]dog
dreams in the window[ gl
anded tube door a ,wadd
led knife ...THINKING
sore book ,depagination ,w
here the’s...
- John Cleese

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