Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3 poems || John M. Bennett


tiny gas shoe
door lobe whistle
desk flooded with a
broken glass and neck why
matter tongue lute
spell the sham knoll time
or weeds the soaked lunch
finger where my tube
wheel note lotion dish
flagged my shirred shirt
comb drunk ladder
mile half lent
pill moldy in my ear
peeled my shape I
window gristled soap
your foot lunge leaked


runt lake scoured
shape lunch lurched
what half hint shudders
calm blast nates
use the stew shore steam
why meat stroke reels
past knot fries your
pill my fragged snore loot
puzzle roam mind gate
sudden pocket water smell
the tongue braid moon
swell short spark
spot runt grins
mortal rot lens clouds
my sure lunch pool
lake sunk taco
guacamole en el paredón
motil la mota
cloaca cremosa


crowded mutt peel the
short hamster
clod lake pillow
drip my fork balloon
what asp knocker
spells of dog and lintels
lentil fog mile
your thung days matter
pry mice loot
snore the street parade
shot heel stinks why
faucet lung breeds
when mind waffle hymn
trust the wind
nine jolts dither
butt clock stored
when the shaper gun

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