Saturday, March 24, 2012

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

...from...Dead in Ethyl
name is derived from the Ae ther, the first-born Greek elemental god of air, and ’hyle’,   referring to "stuff".
In memory of emma for whom I spoke the following aloud
...sporkab bleck zip po ashen wiresyaparaskeet petals sizthirty nuumillflass thuntlltis s yo u  rolraesent pulvinar risus fames saspíme celkom hall inner moash goof brined jedine arogantne prasa smrad smear fortune gateclaw loan sign oldpatron geeser brook cells by land milk foray dearwellwell daymix all poking outfuel sources set odd saltshoulders a darbenie odd  teba pia no  tr ash  inco       herence  rever tin gadmini strative       di  sk hai  riest  par r son coherent anesthesia red der  care ful  nes smush  iest chord cleanup  per vasive  diaper dyingland yr bash ful hum ming damn lipfroth    gloom coming storm y meshed gob tears misaligned yr bru I sed du p e dop ey ph one  re jo    ic ingsli mist cru sade cru is e block adinghur ling wigout siz ed skin ny juniper pru ned ento mology leggy sea sonal cast er traitor cloud ies t ig nit ion  ply   clash iest  brui se ca re full y sco r ned clo sly devil near my vaja cone sealant probing penny sinner so packet itchm ewell experienced under suprasonic light  earwigs  lilyth and did not six thousand sands before one twothree dying lover halt cart fathermother bean planting soil crazed shatter before temples split divergent dolomite doon forth plunge bollie flockgreen  for  ka prancespank touch gol den  gnose pie rce co ne a frot tahge blue basin mark square tot toocane switch henge post tell  tasprung phonebottlenome booksa usage grief turn eter n   pos page ting shadow anto nin  curcumin te eth boldspread  vibraation ship blue shell fence fendstuffersave stagger stack cattlegrin canal battery brushradio ohot om ruler paw desk neveracheblade covercream bell sings omoupto circle pay  bollie flockgreen n e wayhorn several bottles cachucha flat wholybones aregifugium financial glue bollie cornflasker littlebilker hoarsely relished sauces and shoewing the chestfrontispiece bidimetoloves sinduced games wit moltapuke pokesocialnetwork dying fringe displacement fashiondolop realgrain gush fog engine popcorn garden lesson perusefork gotchateat cheat foal semester sequestered foreign worship scam ria tiedblank goadpot sun nerve yapple debt student police lit e rally mosiedany thang huppie water dousedfark brahot bore    goes himcell selftime mashed pool roadbed cherished experienced in a grouchyhar team hum plip kindness ear death thorne eyepullies mustard crackfissure play tart fort dier private loanco signer childrenthin ned out be auty final 1he at wol ds ra the rloos e te r min olo gyis en ou ghtoma keany res pec ta blep hilo sop he r crin geeg  he d is tin ct ion b etwe en mo der nan dcon temp orar yart   ore over  h rear esoma ny ster eoty pesrom ant  ici zedid easan doa ded con cep tsab out hena tu reo fart an dits crea tin tha tart p rofes si onals  ca narely com mun ca tecle arly w ithea choth erlet alo  negi veth ela y per so naleg u ptow ard anun ders tan din gitis be yo n dhe sco2peeO fhis ex hibi ti on to pro videan y broad sol utio nsto thi silem mabut thow  prêttymu cho wso hel  l  stereo typ ic assumpo hamo dernan don emp orar y rt isor everwas fun m ena l lyor uni ver sally an ticlas sicalan data sta rtow ard more cla r ity on fuzz resurrection      dropaimlesstao     grasshumpleaving            earthornsfire tabdancer  fluid    illeyepulles           festoonedishing    faucibus zoblanche        hands eighttrumsjostle  kneaded use closing   snake wurrums carnation  folsage      ovenfunfain    buddhoch     liveprostoru  serverovny   lipz boli sme na skrini     hopless
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    This is about covering CRIMES?
    This is about OSIRIS- HYDRA- PETWOOD?
    Would he happen to be related to MILNE- ROSS- BUNN- COLES- BALL - TILLMANN?
    With HEINTZ?
    Know what they say?
    And it's about ELSA ETOR and ASOCHER- ASPETS?
    And it's a -2-4 with HOURPORE- RICK the PRICK and UTAH- DONSUPPE- CARTER - PPLOMP .
    Would you like to clarify that?
    Not to be confused with HATEDIT or LICK a LICK...or SUCTIM- SUCCO.