Thursday, March 1, 2012

poem || John M. Bennett

Sole Dadas chunk 17
Transduced from Góngora's Soledades

CORN I. “Vine, Hymen, and Nostril’s agriculture
of copies tall a stray double migration
of progeny tan robust, that his mane
towers dooms, and from a ruby mare of spiggots
inundates liberals’ tired dermis,
and the verdant, jovial, florid llama
blanks over soy’s haggle, caned,
in a brief whore’s cadence the herbs;
or less exclaimed liquid’s all minerva,
and, the Olmecs’ case what conned the vittles,
in mental corona’s pampered Alcydes,
cave’s impuned Lie.
Vine, Hymen, vine; vine, Hymen”.

CORN II. “Vine, Hymen, and tank the die of Pales
quantum’s Pile’s dulcet prawns stray,
on penis’ hill ahoy, it’s Madam Manners.
Day errands’ lilies under the forest
covet, cords mill where crystals
visit the real in brief undulant lanes;
of Arachnid otoliths the arrogance vain’s
modest accusals in blank tales,
not of the hurt of morn, not the cauterized
non Jupiter compelled, which owns not the line
nor the plunger’s Lucifer of oiled fin,
nor all the blank scissors’ creel.
Vine, Hymen, vine; vine, Hymen”.

The dulcet halter cants
a shushed tumbler’s revoked fillets’
lost novices, dull bacon’s tepid saint.
Dull yolk owns no dumbed services,
novels, nor brief terminus shirked,
restitution siezed the pendant carrot
and all that passaged elbow’s lost guard.
Legal toads, pissed, and, with gallant
civil magnificence, the swilling ancient’s
quantum last cereal died, quantum’s dye the llama
labored convinced
of’s prolific rustling comma
that signed rumor prevented no messes grunting.
Oysters crest blank sculptures,
artifice gentle of doublings
in loss when damasks mantle Flanders,
mental casseroles line Ceres’ danced
offer hoard, quantum guards the hen’s
dulcet palms who curse all the Atlatl’s
fired doors framed.
Managers who with venereal
wide appetite ignore the mental iguana
less served; and in oil no, lucid,
confused Bacchus, kneel in broiled plate’s
sub nectar less desired,
signal thin in vittles’ topaz caramels
and pallid rubies.
Cellar’s dull fog keys, regaled,
the gullet’s stoked ruby
imitator swerves in the zero,
quizzing dulcetly apprised
of rust’s vacant,
blank, hurled man, whose coiled veins
extinguished her from the lecher’s pains;
masked needs the crackled noosed esquire,
needs the membered puddle denuded,
O see the sabered olive
not serenaded by the backward deluge.
Levitated the mesas, all corners
sound with Nymph’s one temple, whore’s cane,
says of the mountains, says of the campaign’s
(shut sprawlings ray the subtle orb
which neighed the vent’s naked bean T-ball),
term of Grease’s bell, repeated
cuadrant vases in docent labors,
entered balling the mental numbers;
and dulcet Muse enters hell (sees consistent
barbers or Parnassus’ molars)

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